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Tiger marine game seed

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ball war first scored world finals of the 619 teams are all ball enthusiasts praise, this is the pride of the Qiu treasure. What this team really has more strong, the next Xiaobian give you details about the 619 Marine Corps tiger live seeds, have a better understanding of the out of the country into the world team.

" as the 619 team name is special, a lot of buddies in BPL occupation League to their deep impression, as a new team, they are representative of the new team. All in BPL, the ball treasure called the most promising team won the five game winning streak, proud record unmatched, between them with magic like chemical reaction, said the game is almost perfect. They successfully advanced to the first half of the group stage with excellent results, the success of the circle of countless powder.

" in their name because the club was founded in June 19, 2012, to commemorate this day, so the name "619". Ball big battle hand travel division was established in April 2016, the current team members are several months of online inspection and strict selection, and ultimately determine the core team. The team has been established, and the ball game player from different media attention and support, their results are often among the best, has created a number of history, in the just concluded ball world finals China division championship results, they did not disappoint. Thus become the first ball team in the country, becoming the focus of countless ball treasure.

" to concentrate on the game, intentnesses is 619 Corps has maintained the mentality, and that is the attitude, so that they no matter what types of games are popular players Ganpin daring, xuanstar said "I feel that we who are not serious, when we learn with the most severe" in the face of technical training, they always think of the perfect routine. There is no big reason, the small universe but the outbreak of large energy, this is a team composed of five sunny handsome boy, really make people pay homage.

ball war world finals will be struck, Sheng Daqiu ball party triggered at any moment we will see 619 teams, the shadow in the global finals ceremony, I believe the seed team will not let us down, you belong to the world champion!

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