Niu has been flat! This time, even the king can not save the deep fried stocks


21caiwenhui· 2016-12-14 23:25:00

popular market in the doldrums, the stock index continued to fall, the gem to refresh the 9 month low

" this is probably the most appropriate today to see the words:

and the reason the two days mourning seems to find stocks plummeted! Development and Reform Commission poverty alleviation and enlargement trick: poor households become investors! after the end of the investors turned into poor households … …

please rest assured that the national investors! The Commission's neighbors finally put on the mascot … … fart!

it is the best choice of A shares the best analysts; it is precisely capture the top experts in the big bear market scope, the black swan inflection point; it is the chief network A shares red; it is -- Financial Street shopping center.

eyes received numerous Tucao, December 13th, gold to buy a spell, shipped overnight "Taurus" hold.

" however, investors it is still not let go. The new interpretation is: will be a random shot, to disrupt the rhythm of the market, the cattle go away, rushed to the opposite, the opposite Business Flourishes, market jittery!!

net friend:

A: this cow how a pair of pull back the appearance?

B: I was afraid of being killed!

room? Not a word?

saying that today's stock market or down, do not know this cattle will not be moved out tonight?

in fact, Financial Street shopping center is also tired.

12 month 12 days, Financial Street Shopping Center launched the "naked villain" works, successfully predicted the A shares fell.

13, the gold purchase center in order to "sin", worked overnight making another masterpiece, but was interpreted as the majority of users, shock box -- - shut the dogs up to beat them up.

" after being friends Tucao countless times, Financial Street shopping center finally put into a cow mascot.

" but there are different opinions: seven cattle cattle ass friends tail to the SFC, means the end of the bull market, who wrote the "thaw" you are crazy at the end of the bull market of irony and lever. At the same time there are seven cows five cool two do not warm bright colors, means the market rebound is an illusion, is behind the big line, the whole body, completely unable to break through. And holding a circle, also meant to hold up...

so the 7 cattle were called stuck cattle!

" ironically, today (December 14th), as can not afford to help the market, cattle have to vent.

" and do not know the set of hands with you, this set, which is? Class= img_box "

in fact this shopping center is also almost forced by the Chinese investors crazy bar.

set off a reign of terror? The world is waiting for this woman, the market will face the most severe test?

last year after the end of last year, the world is waiting for the Federal Reserve Chairman Yellen dropped another boots". Now, from this moment has been less than 12 hours … … 2016

plus interest or not? 15 days to see the outcome of 3 a.m.!

of the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates in the market tomorrow morning seems to have been the "That's final." of the matter, the current futures market shows the probability of the Federal Reserve this week to raise interest rates 25 basis points up to 95.4%.

have analyzed that, in the face of the regulators to strengthen risk capital market norms, outside the central bank open operation continued net return, SHIBOR reproduction hikes funds tightening situation, coupled with the opening of the Shenzhen Hong Kong has accelerated the pace of at this time, the market downturn, market will usher in the most critical moment before the end of the world or will officially enter the continuous strong dollar era.

and the current domestic market is in when it is in the teeth of the storm, then bring to the market pressure. While the Fed's interest rate hike or a foregone conclusion has been expected in the market, but the interest rate hike several points as well as the Fed's attitude towards next year's monetary policy is the focus of market attention.

with the market generally expected Trump came to power after the expansion of the fiscal deficit, inflation continued to rise, then the Fed rate hike next year is likely to increase the frequency of the global capital market will usher in a strong dollar shock, and the country was facing downtown pressure on the economy and inflation is far higher than expected, the pressure of capital outflow will again the domestic economy cast a shadow, and the debt stock exchange three city is already scarred.

for the domestic stock market, will usher in a blow , near the end of the year of domestic funds already in the tightening phase, and strong regulatory risk capital will also gradually withdrawing funds inside, and lifted the tide or increase cash to shareholders. The

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