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, long-term in youth development and tactical analysis with combination of theory and practice, British and Spanish football have in-depth understanding.

Champions League 1/4 final, Atletico and Barcelona's showdown has to the people brought a lot of debate about the different styles of play, and to the semi-finals, Atletico and Bayern battle once again let the controversy rise a layer. Of course . < span style = "font family: Verdana" > this argument after entering the 21 century is always focus and topic of football.


must be admitted that Barcelona in the past decade almost dominated European football, and the Spanish national team also under the influence of their won consecutive three intercontinental contest champion. They play and philosophy indeed achieved great success. But Mr. Cruyff's dream team in the 1994 in the Champions League final was AC Milan bashing, 21 century Barcelona have repeatedly in the Champions League by defense strong team of blocking : < span style = "font family: Arial" > - 2010 in the international Milan, 2012 in Chelsea, of course also includes the was 2013 and 2016 twice yearly Atletico knocked out of the Champions League semi-finals.


is Barcelona and Atletico kicking, obviously, Barcelona is to through the ball a lot more to attack the organization. They need more players to get into the other half, create chances and control the game when they have the ball. Ma Jing pays more attention to the transition, to get the opportunity to fight back and set pieces from them. At present, the horse racing is the best defensive team in Europe, the discipline and organization, more than the unusual defensive intensity. Two teams play a biased ball control, another biased overall organization without the ball.


but if Barcelona's success is entirely due to the ball control, a bit biased. The six time winner of the season, and then Guardiola heart "perfect Barcelona" 2011 years, more highlights is barrier compression strength and the ability to counter attack. Those who imitate Barcelona team, whether it is Boas, Chelsea or advocating technical A Senna, more or less, there is no small problem in the defense. And if only the performance of the horse race nearly three or four seasons to the defense, but also too underestimate their ability to attack the end. Both now Griezmann, Carrasco, or before Diego - Costa, Tulane, Falcao, keep in offensive and fast counter attack changes, Atletico Madrid attack routine is not lost other European clubs.


so, when we are obsessed with in Barcelona's gorgeous attack, also realize the, football field, organization, discipline and high inputs of defense, success is part.



I very appreciate Simone in Atletico's achievement, whether it is the overall play, or a player training. If people feel Atletico will be three seasons on the collapse of the team, it has ignored each season they have players leave, can still find affordable, adapt to the team complement, still can train like cork, Saul, Ximen ness, Lucas, Thomas this kind of young talents, and the Griezmann, Carrasco, Correa such players level up to a higher level. A team not only in one season, players must constantly cultivate, develop a set of suitable for their own way. This is the biggest difference between Mourinho and Simone. That is why the Argentine to at Atletico Madrid, in Spain, in European football and achieve success.


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