How to do not have to be very tired, you can have a strong body?

Body trouble no exercise.

jihewang· 2016-12-14 23:34:30

lead: love cartoons, playing games and other indoor entertainment friends though understand the importance of good health but often not squeeze off time to exercise, how is not very painful trouble can have a pair of strong body twitter name? D of stone is at last - technology friend gives his answer, please stamp the twitter address.

D "technology of stone - at last is an ordinary person in the society, also has a look at the animation, collecting pillow (recognition wife) common hobby. Like the animation is "Strike ViVid!", "animation exercise! EX" and other works. Class= "img_box" id= "

"perview_img_p content_img_p" animation! EX

"ViVid Strike

!" but in addition to the relevant animation interest, D of stone is at last - technology also attaches great importance to the exercise of the body, although he now seems to come out from the "adventure" JOJO in men in general however, he said in a high school junior, was just a height 159cm, weight 44kg ordinary boy.

D "technology of stone down - and sweet pillow (wife) photo of

D is at last - stone technology is a holding pillow (wife) of happiness sleep for a whole day man, but in his opinion, exercise is not only exercise, is an animated character (his wife) deep communication between the thought of animation and beloved character (wife) of his mouth, even inverted high difficulty is no problem of push ups.

happy exercise time is

handstand push ups a difficult action. Novice often want to step on the wall to adapt to the wall. Handstand push ups on the body of strength and balance requirements are very high, equivalent to exercise itself up. The action of the triceps, pectoralis major, deltoid muscle and abdominal muscles are great exercise.

three (wife), on behalf of the pillow is three times the amount of exercise!

D of stone is at last - technology twitter content basically by the animation of feelings, and pillow (wife) of daily life and exercise perception, the target is to become the world's strongest friend must have a very full, happy and healthy life.

" in the pillow (wife) under the encouragement of D technology at last - stone is made a good score in fitness competition!

see here, friends should understand a beloved pillow (wife) can have the power to exercise how strong, have a few friends watching the D of stone is at last - technology twitter story, immediately took the pillow set to start exercising, healthy life is about to begin! In the pillow (wife) to encourage, to become the strongest man! Class= img_box "

refueling, friends!

so, ask a question, you now have a few pillows? Class= img_box "

from the comic book "muscle girl: dumbbell, how many kilograms can lift? ", recommend everyone to watch

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