Why so skilled! DOA5 launched AQUAPLUS linkage DLC

Xbox ZA

wangyiyouxi· 2016-12-14 23:34:46

yesterday launched the "tecmo glorious dead or alive 5: the last battle" of the new DLC clothing, this time is not for the white season, but with a beautiful girl game linkage clothing AQUAPLUS. PS4 and Xbox One version also comes with explosive vests, anyway, have no matter to hardcore fighting. Because there is no trick, it is worth to practice. Can not convey the mind of the fighting has no need, because there is no longer a FTG, it is worth to study.

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launched a total of 16 characters of the clothing, of which 2 are men (and also with a burst of clothing). All from AQUAPLUS's Leaf studios launched in 2000 after a variety of beautiful girl game masterpieces, such as "ToHeart", "white album", "utawarerumono" and "tears" and so on. Please click the image below to enjoy 16 sets of clothing:


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