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Chinese people Chinese school School of surgery

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because everyone a better understanding of the comprehensive university, College of Arts and Sciences, secondly, there were some other classes of school , few people interested in , in the eyes of Americans are very cattle . Today we share one school: California Polytechnic State University - Saint Louis obispo.


California Polytechnic State University (California Polytechnic State University), referred to as: Cal Poly, is a long history of integrated science and Technology University, is also often referred to as the California University of science and technology, the campus is located in California Saint Louis is located in the United States - ORBIS wave, at the middle position of San Francisco and Losangeles . Belonging to the California state system, in business, engineering, architecture, agriculture, famous . The school currently offers 64 bachelor's degrees, 32 master's degrees and 7 bachelor's degree certificate; the school is not eligible for a doctorate. (but not on behalf of low oh, a lot of liberal arts colleges are not providing the doctorate Oh!)


1901 years, the establishment of.

1933, California Education Committee to the State University of California to a 2 year system of Vocational and technical school.

1940 years, began to offer a Bachelor of Arts Degree in . California state Career Technical College,


1949 years, began to offer a master of Arts .

1960, started by the California Education Committee of independent management, management system of California State University by self composed.

1967 years, is recognized to provide MSc . Between

1967 and 1970, the school curriculum was re divided into different schools.

1971, once again renamed the official name for the California State Polytechnic university.

2009 years, DesignIntelligence ranking in the California Polytechnic State University of architecture for the all American best architecture and design schools ranked third.

2009 years, Planetizen ranking in California Polytechnic State University city planning department is ranked first .

2010 years, the U.S. business week's top 100 Best Business School in the United States ranked 64. At the same time is also the of California's public universities ranked second (the first is the University of California at Berkeley).

2010, Forbes, the United States ranked the top 100 public universities, California Polytechnic State University, ranked twenty-seventh.

2011 years, DesignIntelligence rankings, design degree column eighth .

Wikipedia according to statistics, California Polytechnic State University offers a master's degree in engineering in all individual including private and public university rankings:

Electrical Engineering: first (#2 overall)

Computer Engineering: first (Tied #3 overall)

mechanical engineering: first (Tied #2 overall)

Industrial Engineering: second (#2 overall)

Aerospace Engineering: third (#5 overall)

civil engineering: second (Tied #5 overall)

the school itself belongs to the industry status of the Regional University, so did not participate in the university rankings in the western United States regional university rankings ranked ninth.

because Cal Poly does not provide a doctorate, so professional rankings, it is in no doctorate in U.S.News school ranked , ranked in undergraduate civil engineering:

1. (Civil Engineering) ranked third ;

2. Electronics / Communication Engineering (Electrical / Electronic / Communications Engineering ) ranked fourth ;

3. Environmental Engineering (Environmental / Environmental Health Engineering

4.) ranked first; Mechanical Engineering (Mechanical Engineering) ranked fifth.

in addition to the above a few professional, engineering categories, the most popular computer science in the CSU is also quite cattle oh!

training direction

although others belong to the Engineering Institute, but the professional type is comprehensive, professional choice is very rich oh!

Cal Poly is a the unique university, to practice learning for students in the future < / strong>, adapt to the current development of science and technology of the world fully prepared. Poly Cal graduates of Poly Cal education investment will have a very good income. Application deadline:

in November 30th, according to the graduate program deadline or April 1st (undergraduate and graduate students, international students can only apply for admission in the fall.).

language requirements: TOEFL 80+/ IELTS 7 (graduate student 6). There is no mandatory requirement for SAT/ACT for


in the feedback evaluation of computer science professional

: evaluation of the whole

of class= "img_box"

" Jesse concluded:

Niche evaluation is absolutely true and real, Cal Poly 's food Not very good , which is why a lot of people in the post on the Internet to ask the school around the restaurant is better?

in addition to food, other aspects of the evaluation are very good oh. Especially academic , do not think that others is what grouse, it study the pressure that are less than those of well-known schools. In CSU, CS professional each student is required to complete a Project, there is a group of individuals, this is also the source of their by Doing Learn concept.

really did not have to say, is located in the middle position of San Francisco and Losangeles, so what what is convenient, to which convenient.

for the crowd: because the school focus on academic, so if you just want to mix after college, then don't come; if you only care about the school's reputation in the eyes of the people, please don't come; if you are a small public act, can not bear heavy academic pressure, that you are not to the United States; however, if you want to learn some really want to practice to learn the true skill and genuine knowledge, the application of computer science, please be brave!

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