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huanqiuwang· 2016-12-15 13:26:17

is Harris!

"no matter how many bases are set up in the South China Sea, we won't allow a shared water to be exclusive. "

" can cooperate when we cooperate, if we must fight, we will be ready".

14, Sydney, Lowy Institute, the U.S. Pacific Command, Harris delivered a speech on Chinese even speak.

"Sydney Morning Herald" screenshots of

such as

Chinese in the South China Sea took resolute and positive attitude, the United States only by maintaining in the area military capability, can prevent China, it will "defend the freedom of navigation".

again, for example:

"the United States to fight the first war is to ensure freedom of navigation, this is a constant principle, but also the United States armed forces ready to defend the principle of".

more to attract media attention is that he announced that the United States and Australia have reached an agreement next year will send a F-22 fighter to Australia, the United States to release a strong signal to the United states.

F-22 data source: U.S. Air Force

Lowy Institute for international policy of international security expert Graham said, "this is the release of pressure signal to China".

attention to the situation in the South China Sea people, Harris did not know who will appear with very limited knowledge and scanty information.

information: Harris

, the Japanese generals always published hawks mouth, cited outside attention the hard line speech

: for example, he said China's actions in the South China Sea is in the building of "sand of the Great Wall".

also said that China is ready to do a good job tonight".

ring once published editorial, criticism of the "let the Pacific more intense beauty too commander-in-chief".

14, Harris also did one thing, he called on the U.S. allies in the region "in the future continue to trust us," because "the United States permanent interests will not change after January 20th".

1 20 is the day of Trump's White House.

Harris in Sydney "playing" shortly after Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang responded to Harris's comments.

Geng Geng Shuang Shuang said: "China stance on the South China Sea issue is very clear, no change. At present, the joint efforts of the relevant countries in China and the South China Sea, the situation in the South China Sea is stable, to the good direction of development. We hope the United States will abide in the dispute over sovereignty does not hold the position of the commitment, respect for countries in the region to maintain peace and stability in the South China Sea to do more to contribute to peace and stability in the South China Sea ".

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