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Modern Express (correspondent Chang Zhifei reporter Yin Youwen) recently, a poetic judgment on the Internet popular. In a couple of divorce, the verdict used "he found the degreeses, suddenly look back, that person is the lights" and other poems, the final decision not to grant a divorce, causing a large number of users forwarding.

this judgment exactly how poetic? Look at the original verdict you know. People with a divorce impulse, look at this sentence, you have to think twice.

" [

] the judgment of the people's Court of Taixing city of Jiangsu province

civil judgment plaintiff Huang


the defendant Wang mou.

plaintiff Hwang and the defendant Wang divorce dispute case, the court on May 20, 2016 after accepting the case, according to law by the judge Wang Yun application summary proceedings held a hearing. The plaintiff Huang and agent Chen Jiansheng, the defendant Wang Lumou and agent to participate in litigation. The case has now been finalized.

claimed that the plaintiff, the plaintiff and defendant married couples in general, often trivial quarrel for a living, since the XXXX year XX month, the defendant repeatedly ran away from home at the end of the year, XXXX went to the defendant with the plaintiff's home life, but the defendant insisted not to return, the plaintiff that the defendant's behavior has a serious impact on both sides the feelings of the couple, the husband and children do, after repeated communication, no improvement, the feelings of the couple has been completely broken, requesting an order: grant the plaintiff and defendant in divorce.

accused Wang argued that I do not agree to divorce. But if the plaintiff agreed: in Huang Mouyi by my upbringing, the plaintiff compensation fee; the return of my dowry: sixty thousand Yuan Cunkuan, buy my father out of the 30 thousand, the original defendant invested 90 thousand, the defendant should be allocated 45 thousand; return to my computer, jewelry; last year's salary of 30 thousand yuan, I can consider to agree to a divorce.

identified by the trial, the plaintiff and the defendant met in XXXX school, XXXX year XX month XX day ceremony, XXXX years XX months XX days to receive a marriage certificate, × × × × × × × × a son, Huang Mouyi, early marriage couples can, because life trivia and economic problems. The two sides have contradictions, tell the original to the hospital for a divorce.

of the above facts, the plaintiff submitted a copy of marriage certificate and the original defendant, the court statement on confirmed that the court for confirmation.

the hospital believes that the existence of the marriage relationship is based on the relationship between husband and wife. , the original defendant from students to husband and wife, is a beautiful course: he found the degreeses, suddenly look back, that person but in the lights dim. Impressive and touching. If there is no difference in their personality, how can you wipe out such a wonderful spark? However, life is dull, complementary to each other, to enjoy the joy of marriage and bear the pain of life is a compulsory homework. Life is but a dream! When the marriage, in the moment of crisis, both parties should try to save, rather than give up the hospital very reluctant to see the sad scene was like birds flying in different directions, given a period of time, in the hope the deterioration of the relationship between husband and wife with the passage of time can be eased, the two sides Jingxiaxinlai, consider to pay and hardship each other. Mutual understanding and support, with a positive attitude and communication, with wisdom and love to resolve conflicts, with emotion and intelligence to solve the problem, not self-centered, but can not give up the marriage and family, cherish the people around, mutual respect and trust, again. to sum up, in accordance with the provisions of the People's Republic of China marriage law thirty-second, the sentence is as follows:

does not grant the plaintiff Hwang and the defendant Wang divorce.

case fee 240 yuan, half charged $120, borne by the plaintiff (paid).

if not satisfied with this decision, the verdict can be delivered within fifteen days from the date of the petition submitted to this court, and put forward a copy number according to the other party, appeal to the Jiangsu intermediate people's Court of Taizhou city.

judge Wang Yun

two, June 27th 16

clerk Dong Komidori

Modern Express reporter learned that the verdict from Taizhou Taixing City People's court, wrote the verdict judge called Wang Yun, is a 80".

" right to Wang Yun "img_box"

" the verdict on her hand

" has also won the Wang Yun family "the most beautiful love of family honor

1984 Wang Yun was born in 2006 into the Taixing court, the hospital is now in juvenile and family cases trial court judge, is the Institute's youngest posts of judges.

2013 in October this year, Wang Yun concluded a total of 1896 cases of various types, and withdrawal rate of 88%, V. service contracting interest rate 98%, without a misjudged case, without a petition case bound. Taizhou city has won the "best law character" most beautiful women "and" new Taizhou construction hero "title, and won three once.

Wang Yun told the modern express reporter said that "when writing the verdict, I did not deliberately prepared, just in the trial process, the parties understand that there was a good relationship, but now xinyousuogan wrote like birds flying in different directions, this is a judgment.

it is understood that from June 27th this year after the verdict, the divorce lawsuit in the couple did not divorce. (editor Wei Rufei)

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