"The Jungle" came to the champion playing wild Bengi join VG

Join champion League of heroes lol

tuwanwang· 2016-12-15 22:37:42

The "jungle

" came! Bengi joined VG

champion jungler VG electronic sports club today is very excited to announce that after friendly consultations, the original SKT veteran hero Pei Chengxiong (ID:Bengi VG) officially joined the League branch, as the playing field position. A passerby high

Bengi" from the beginning, formally entered the occupation career through the SKT qualifier, then S3 stand in the world; from the GANK type to play wild type auxiliary ferocious carnivorous herbivorous wild development. Won the highest glory Bengi after the S4, S5 season state ups and downs, but also gradually understand that they need a stronger heart, in order to overcome their.

in the long S6 season, in all of the former champion wild hope, Bengi interpretation of the old soldiers never die, he proved himself. The S6 finals semi-final against SKT ROX, Bengi start to win the opener, then Bengi was replaced by SKT rotary rest, struggling even after two games, ROX to win the match. When Bengi stepped in, once again go into battle, fourth female leopard stunning four, full flowering; fifth blind monk active show extraordinary, turn the audience. Until the last SKT won three trophies to complete dominance, he showed impressive general demeanor, burst out of power in the stepped tide. "The Jungle", well deserved. And now, in need of such a person VG

to accumulate steadily!, we celebrate SKT brilliant achievements, praise the devil Faker in single way invincible, but there is a chastity jungler like a shadow like company. Care, seamless cooperation, he is to let his companions rest assured that he always silently support the whole team. He may not be enough to shine, but enough to make a ray of light. Bengi achievements of others, achievements themselves, four years he experienced the peak and trough, sink and rise, but with him is always a heart not to give up, and this tenacity and selflessness, it is the most valued VG. The

VG League member list:

VG.Tacita manager

VG.Moon leader

VG.Loong Chun Hyuk (single inscriptions) Zhu Xiaolong

VG.Bengi (wild) Pei Chengxiong

VG.Easyhoon (single) Li Zhixun

VG.Xuan (ADC)

VG.Endless (ADC) skin Xiao Xuan Xu Hao

VG.Duan (auxiliary)

VG LOL section Deliang fan base - will welcome Rama 188683429 add

water friends seems to have found VG LOL Zodiac horse signings rule, we ushered in the year of the monkey in Mata, Easyhoon, and Bengi in the year of the rooster, after the year of the dog, pig, I am really looking forward to

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