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a piece of yellow pear suddenly destroyed, what what? In December 15th, Zhang Hongbin of the public to the newspaper reflect the material said, "mayor" in order to place to rent to the bus company for electric vehicle charging station, last month ordered the people to open private excavators, their own investment of trees planted hundred trees destroyed yellow pear. On the relevant issues, the village mayor refused all interviews with reporters.

said in the Zhang Hongbin and the village chief of a conversation recording, the reporter found that the village had mentioned the destruction of trees compensation. At present, Longgang longle station has been involved in the investigation.

owner: Mayor zhishiren planted privately destroyed trees in

Zhang Hongbin village is responsible for Cao Shizhong Shenzhen Tongle joint-stock company Fengshun branch. Reporters saw at the lease contract, the contract shall Shenzhen Tongle Corporation Fengshun company, to provide Panling cattle village land of about 1000 square meters, to use B liaomou as a temporary shed flower planting site. Party B is responsible for the annual land fee paid to Party A, a one-time payment of 20000 yuan, the contract period from January 1, 2012 until the end of August 30, 2019. And Liao Mouzheng is a partner in the investment projects of Zhang Hongbin, the relevant cooperation agreement shows that invested by the capital, Liao is responsible for the management of the 70%.

according to Zhang Hongbin introduction, November 9th at 3 pm, partner Liao called to say someone destroyed the tree. "Then I rushed to the scene. See an excavator driver, asked him 'who let you destroy', he said Cao long let him go, also said the village and the eastern bus company signed an agreement to build this land tram charging station. "With Zhang Hongbin on the spot to the local police station reported. He said that after the alarm received a partner mayor called private talk phone, the police let both parties first mediation.

Zhang Hongbin a piece of yellow pear was destroyed". Li Qicong photo

Village mayor explained, was supposed to push the grassroots level on the edge, then talk about the relocation, the driver did not hear clearly, so it was completely destroyed, also said to let the excavator driver compensate 200 thousand. I certainly do not agree, I destroyed more than and 400 trees, of4489 value. "Zhang Hongbin said let the excavator driver confrontation and communication, by the" village "refused," mayor said what directly look for him. "

" destroy tree behind, whether rent or collection and other disputes, Zhang Hongbin categorically denied, saying that early did not discuss any relocation issues. "To move to discuss, but should not directly destroy trees. Destruction of private property is a criminal case, who will be punished by law, the village is no exception. "

" the mayor refused to respond, the Eastern Bus said no cooperation

reporter Zhang Hongbin investment planted pear tree, found across the land is Pingshan of Shenzhen high speed rail station. Zhang Hongbin said that it is geographical advantages, so it became "sought after". In addition to dozens of tree pear tree "around the edges of the surviving", almost all the other was "ruined", on three pile thick trees have been destroyed dry. Zhang Hongbin told reporters that a friend is designed to do business Home Furnishing, originally planned a few more years of cooperation with friends, "yellow pear Home Furnishing do well, each can Home Furnishing million. "

was" destroyed "the yellow pear has been dry Li Qicong photo

reporter put forward to see the list of purchase to verify the number of saplings, Zhang Hongbin said a long time did not save the document. For the value of destroying trees, he said, allows the market to assess the value of third party professional valuation companies.

then, reporters and Zhang Hongbin came to the home of Cao Shizhong. Reporters repeatedly said to verify, understand the relevant information, was rejected by Cao Shizhong. "What words, you go to the police station said, I don't tell you, you go. Zhang Hongbin insisted to reporters that Cao Shizhong acknowledged the destruction of the tree, and provided a call is and village chief of the conversation recording. Recording, village chief mentioned 200 thousand compensation for destruction of trees. "Don't worry, it's just money. If someone runs, I'll give you back.

related argument discrepancy, in order to further verify, the reporter tried to involve someone excavator driver contact, Zhang Hongbin said he did not hand, village chief does not give me, police officer said there is no deposit. "Eastern Shenzhen bus company did not respond to a reporter, and Shenzhen Tongle Corporation Fengshun branch cooperation. Currently, Longgang police have been involved in the investigation.

Shenzhen evening news trainee reporter Li Qicong editor

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