3 fox rescued and the elderly are not willing to leave life together


tengxunxinwen· 2016-04-29 16:59:40

the oldest fox called Greaney (grainne), about nine years ago, gibbons shelter only 7 weeks old Greaney. At that time, he and his brother-in-law found a lonely little fox in the box of a hospital storage room. Small fox looks malnourished, and it is very cold, and they need their help.

Gibbons to Grenny brought to the nearby pet hospital, and then put it back home with careful feeding care, since then. Greaney moment with the gibbons side.

"content_img_p" third small fox called Henry, 11 months old. It was wounded by a dog attack and was sent by a man from a nearby town to Gibbons's home. Class= img_box "

recovery of the fox can return to nature, but they chose to follow Gibbons. All day long they are inseparable, which attracted the attention of local children, the school invited Greaney, Minnie and Henry told the students to play together, so that the students can look at it more closely.

recently received a proposal from the British government: let him take care of the fox. He said he is not a fox expert, still in the process of learning, but he can be used as a non professional to give some advice.

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