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Lenovo's acquisition of Fujitsu or PC business

"Japanese economic news" reported that the president of Fujitsu Tanaka Dachiya (Tatsuya Tanaka) said in an interview, hoping to sign PC business merger agreement with Lenovo in March 31 before the end of the fiscal year in japan.

in early October 27th, Lenovo released the announcement that Fujitsu is to explore the potential cooperation and personal computer sector, including potential strategic cooperation in the global market research and development, design and production areas. If successful agreement, which is following NEC, Japan's second companies PC business was Lenovo acquisition.

TCL" authorized the production and sales of Blackberry mobile phone

Reuters said, blackberry Thursday announced the signing of a licensing agreement with TCL, authorized by the latter in the global production and sales of the BlackBerry brand mobile devices. This is the BlackBerry's first license agreement signed since a software company signed.

said the device produced by TCL will add BlackBerry security software and services suite. Under the new license agreement, TCL can produce and sell BlackBerry brand smartphones in all countries except India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh and indonesia.

international news

SHARP Foxconn Samsung to provide next year is no longer LCD TV panel

Reuters quoted informed sources said that SHARP and Foxconn have decided, will stop through its joint venture for Samsung Electronics display panel tv.

of the joint venture company is located in the western Japanese city of Sakai (Sakai). Informed sources said that from next year the joint venture will stop offering Samsung LCD TV panel, because three companies have yet to reach an agreement. Currently, the joint venture is still at a loss, SHARP and Foxconn are evaluating the sector.

Samsung is the largest customer of the joint venture, the annual LCD panel demand of 2 million to 3 million. South Korean media earlier this week reported that after receiving the notice, Samsung has decided to supply its TV panel by LG Display.

Uber California emergency stop automatic driving vehicle

California Motor Vehicle Management Bureau (hereinafter referred to as "DMV") officials said the day before, Uber unauthorized unauthorized automatic vehicle driving test on the road in San Francisco, it is illegal. It is reported that Uber R & D autopilot has been tested in San Francisco road a few weeks.

chief legal adviser of California DMV Blaine · Bright (Brian Soublet); cable in a letter to Uber said: "if Uber had won the automatic driving vehicle testing license, then test these vehicles are allowed. But before obtaining permission, the test of automatic driving on public roads is illegal.

for this, Bright also said: Uber must stop on the highway in California on the autopilot car test all the behavior until the relevant permission. "

of Microsoft and HERE in the position of the services continue to cooperate on

Microsoft and HERE recently announced that they have signed a new multi year strategic business based on the agreement that will allow Microsoft to continue to use the HERE map data and its product development service platform.

Microsoft can integrate HERE services and data into some of its own applications and services, including Cortana and other Microsoft services to support Bing Maps. In addition, the agreement allows Microsoft to implement HERE services and data to Bing Maps API, provided by Azure Marketplace to developers. The agreement also allows Microsoft to expand its use of data and services in the vehicle productivity program.

Microsoft vice president of Bing Plan Administrators Inc, said the highest quality maps and geographic services to their consumers and developers are critical for Microsoft.


" Apple said, buy a single $69 AirPods

in the iPhone service pricing page, apple updated AirPods repair and replacement price.

Apple does not provide independent AppleCare+ for AirPods, but only provides a 1 year warranty, the same as other apple products. If the AirPods in the 1 year warranty period there is a problem, Apple will provide free service. After 1 years warranty period, AirPods Apple charges $69 per repair. If AirPods is lost or damaged, apple can sell you a $69 price, whether or not the AirPods is in.

addition, the AirPods charging box, if lost or broken, is also $69 a. AirPods on Tuesday officially on sale, delivery time has been delayed until 6 weeks later.

SONY Mobile launched Xperia XZ "Final Fantasy awakening" customized Limited Edition

, SONY mobile joint perfect world launched Xperia XZ "Final Fantasy awakening" customized limited edition.

the machine is currently raised in Jingdong, in the case of the remaining 27 days, SONY Mobile has raised $114649 to achieve a progress of 115%.


to pull Dong Mingzhu repairer, Wang Jianlin 3 billion Zhuhai long silver

CIMC group affiliated enterprises, Wanda Group, Hebei Beijing Huijin international investment limited liability company, Jiangsu Beijing Toho to Cci Capital Ltd and other 4 enterprises, as well as Dong Mingzhu's and Zhuhai silver long new energy Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Zhuhai Yinlong) signed the capital increase agreement, to increase 3 billion yuan, Zhuhai silver long 22.388% stake. Among them, the capital 200 million yuan, accounting for about 1.5%, estimated from the ratio of Zhuhai long silver valuation of up to 13 billion 400 million yuan, 13 billion yuan higher than the previous GREE given the purchase price.

for GREE after the acquisition of Zhuhai silver was not long, Dong Mingzhu also said that the public is December 10th, "because they (shareholders) only see the eyes, short-sighted".

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