The Chinese car is $800 thousand and sold crazy in America.


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Losangeles Lancaster municipal government of a public officials, they will bring China, eyes bright, the mayor of Paris can even use the simple Chinese exchange.

of course not because they are all Confucian cultural fans, or obsessed with Chinese food, but because a company from China - BYD .

. the mayor of Lancaster, the pride of

2013 years, BYD established its first overseas wholly-owned factories here, the production of electric buses and power battery. Now here electric bus single class annual production capacity of 400 units, two classes up to 800 units.

executive director of Lancaster city mayor Mark (city manager) quoted Paris's words -- " for BYD bus and battery factory located in Lancaster, is my biggest pride occupation career"!

interview in the United States, heard such words, as China's media, can not help but feel proud.

according to reports, BYD electric buses in the United States this year to get 300 orders next year orders more than 800 units.

Lancaster BYD electric bus factory two phase of the project is being constructed in two

. to participate as long as never lost

to know that all the bus market in the United States each year the size of only 3500 units, long-distance travel bus 1500, that is to say , the bus market size of only 5000 .

in the field of electric buses, over the past two years, competitors get only one hundred or two hundred orders, equivalent to the amount of BYD 1/10. Such a ratio, it is not worthy of pride?

"in fact, as long as we participate in the bidding, it has never lost - because the technology lead too much! BYD U.S. branch senior vice president Macy Neshati lightly said.

BYD America Senior Vice President Macy Neshati was "arrogant": "as long as we participate in the bidding, they never lost. "A competitor to the

electric bus mileage of only 30 miles, and BYD can do more than 160 miles, with BYD in the battery and the motor in the field of core technology, the BYD electric buses in the United States almost invincible.

three. 80 $10000, also sold crazy

no opponent, there is more pricing power.

when I was told that BYD 12 meter pure electric bus in the United States price is $800 thousand, I was shocked , worried about the translation is not wrong, and they confirmed several times.

this is the price of it? Because BYD K9 electric bus in the domestic price is 2 million yuan.

of the Stanford, BYD electric buses -- $800 thousand a

since 2014, BYD electric buses to quickly open the market in the United States, has gained many heavyweight orders.

2015 September, BYD was included in Washington State Communications Bureau 800 pure electric bus purchase list, to become its largest supplier.

as of now, BYD pure electric buses have spread throughout the United States more than and 30 states, the United States electric bus market has a monopoly brand.

Facebook purchase BYD electric BYD

Pakistan in power station's market share has reached 50% in the reservoir, this again, we in the media from China feel very long face.

four. "BYD changed America for the entire transportation electrification view"

Lancaster city leadership and administrative China media photo

Lancaster city BYD battery factory in front of the office building (city manager) Ma Kexian recalled a few years ago for the BYD bus factory located in Lancaster of the past, he said to the mayor and he made several trips to Shenzhen, China trip "to his eye-opening" . In fact, now Shenzhen has 6500 sets of BYD electric bus, by next year, all 15000 units will be all electric bus, Shenzhen will become the world's first electric city bus. Director Mark

Lancaster City Administration said, BYD has changed the view of the whole transportation electrification.

green master English in general, but " great company" I understand, Mark praised BYD is a great company.

Mark smile said solemnly: "the concept of BYD and we are very consistent, BYD's major business segments, LED lighting, energy storage power station, solar energy, electric bus, also is the development direction of the entire United States . over the past few years, BYD has changed the U.S. view of the entire traffic electrification. "

five. " Build Our Dreams "

Ma Keyue said more serious:" BYD is the first China car manufacturers to build factories in the United States, have begun to doubt whether the company can Chinese meet the standards of the United States, "b> but now, BYD can take almost every electric bus bidding. We even beat a company with a vice president's background .

BYD not only provide products, but also bring a set of solutions. "Mark said," Lancaster wants to become a pioneer in electric transportation, BYD can help us achieve this goal. "

Lancaster the famous American aviation city has been established to become the first" American "net zero power consumption city -- to produce than they consume more green energy.

obviously, Lancaster Americans believe that BYD can "build our dreams".

six. electric trucks than the electric bus better prospects for

in Long Beach transportation company and the Antelope Valley Transportation Department, we have experienced a BYD electric bus. We asked the driver of the car up, brother thumbs up and said: "great! "

due to no engine and transmission, electric bus running noise is very low. Not only good open, but also more quiet, comfortable. "Although the

electric bus than the diesel bus price 30%, but to save cost of oil is very impressive," Long Beach transport company's public relations official said, "the bus one day is about to consume 50 gallons of diesel, we believe that even without considering the environmental protection, only from the commercial angle of the electric bus is also a the right choice. "A

on the streets of Long Beach BYD electric bus

BYD America, senior vice president Macy Neshati is very optimistic about the electric truck.

he said, the next 7-10 years, the U.S. market sales of electric trucks will reach 10 thousand units, the market is much larger than the size of the bus. Not long ago, the history of the United States the largest electric truck orders also fell BYD , California, BYD purchased 52 electric trucks.

Mexico summit in, BYD electric bus limelight.

BYD CEO Wang Chuanfu said that the bus route, fixed logistics vehicles -- such as mines, ports and other areas of operation of the truck, so it is very suitable for pure electric cars, but because of a longer trip, he thought the dual-mode (i.e. plug-in hybrid) is more appropriate.

our next generation dual-mode electric vehicles, pure electric mileage can do 100 kilometers, the daily use is almost a pure electric car, and at the same time do not need to worry about long-distance driving charging problem. "Wang Chuanfu revealed to us.

"also designed a little beautiful. "BYD has poaching Audi before the design director, I have for the next generation of BYD passenger car products full of expectation .

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The Chinese car is $800 thousand and sold crazy in America.