Internet financial regulation who can be left king?

Internet financial times weekly kumquat speculators

shidaizhoubao· 2016-12-16 08:35:05

[Abstract] from barbaric growth to remediation storm, in 2016 by many people in the industry called Internet banking norms year".

" from barbaric growth to storm in 2016, many of the industry known as the "first year of Internet financial regulation".

this year, according to the industry chaos, a number of Internet financial regulatory policy.

8 months, regulators issued "network lending funds depository business guidelines (Draft)" "network credit information intermediary business activity management Interim Measures", the financial regulation of the Internet chaos: clear financial attributes bring order out of chaos "of Internet banking, established by the CBRC supervision principles of net loan business cut off the platform, ultra vires interference on financial supervision of local government".

9 months, regulators announced the Internet risk special rectification 1+6 implementation plan to further clarify regulatory requirements.

10 months, the general office of the State Council issued the notice on the issuance of Internet financial risks rectification work implementation plan. The program is the Internet Financial remediation work lead document, including the P2P, equity congregation raised, third party payment, including mutual gold industry clearly remediation mechanism.

in tighter regulation and accountability, which is a process of the spoiler, mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore, speculators will be gradually eliminated, essence and rational development of the industry will return to the financial risk control.

at the end of November 2016, the total number of national P2P net loan platform 6372, a record high. China Internet Finance modern statistics and risk monitoring and early warning system risk pool risk warning platform 3758, accounting for the national P2P net loan platform of 58.98%, the risk pool list increased by more than 103.

giant earthquake, the remaining king.

we focus on Internet banking companies can be left with the king? Which can be left for the king? How will the winners provide more valuable services for the society, the industry and the investors?

under this background, the weekly times organized the 2016 year Chinese Internet Financial kumquat award. We take "the truth, perfection, fine" principles for the evaluation and development of model Chinese records of Internet financial industry, power industry, remodeling ecological industry to promote the compliance process.

this event will select the annual social contribution business awards, annual innovation awards, annual Wealth Management Awards and other awards. Selection results will be published in times weekly, era online, time finance APP and weekly micro official released. We will be in December 20th for you to announce the final results, please pay attention!

20 joined

1, the list of enterprises around the melting point of the network,


3, Lu Jin, pat loan

4, Tianan gold exchange

5, net lending group

6, group

7, guest - Financial meow Yixin wealth

8, Celestica fund

9, jointall help

10, South


12, Andy era fund investment

13, ppmoney

14, Luigi Nono fund pounds off


16, peer-to-peer lending you my credit

17, open Xin credit

18, Lego box

19, Hongling venture,


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Internet financial regulation who can be left king?

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