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Team posture position lol

tuwanwang· 2016-12-16 10:01:32

Although there are rumors online

, but was suddenly announced that we still feel some accidents and dismay. In December 15th, Snake team officially announced, by one of the first IG single Gemini, attitude as team attitude transfer single! This thing will finally have the results. Although there are rumors online

, but was suddenly announced that we still feel some accidents and dismay. In December 15th, Snake team officially announced, by one of the first IG single Gemini, attitude as team attitude transfer single! This thing will finally have the results. But IG Gemini eventually old fans also estimated to part company each going his own way, I feel some sadness!

it is worth mentioning that the attitude in the Snake clan, which served as the location for the team in the single!

had genius single

in the ancient history of juvenile China LOL, once the WE team no one can dominate the domestic block, however, when the WE show is filled, it is IG stand out strong beat WE, since LOL Chinese is no longer a dominant WE. At that time, in addition to PDD, as well as the shadow and smile, IG double C due to their excellent performance, it is called "IG twin fans". Age, talent, strength, these labels are affixed to the two person. That time posture, in the middle of the position, only the peak period if the wind can be one of the war, can be described as a genius worthy of a single juvenile.

the passage of time, gradually, the old IG gradually dispersed, with smile, PDD, shadow et al have decided that the first five people, leaving only the attitude and KID. But, now is not the attitude had Chizha road prodigy, and KID from the AD to the playing field position. Finally, Gemini was separated, recall the past old IG, we are filled with a thousand regrets.

back in a single, attitude can Zaixuhuihuang

attitude now moved to Snake, and served as the position is his long absence in a single. Must be in the attitude of the heart, also want to prove myself in this position? Admittedly, single attitude despite occasional Carry performance, but its degree and was far from brisk. The IG team in recent years, the results are not satisfactory. Return to a single position in his heart is bound to have some ambition.

however, whether in a single gesture position to shine, we do not jump to conclusions now really good. In fact, in the summer of 2016LPL, the attitude has been in the team rotation problems when playing a single, when they played against the IM team. In the first game, a hand gesture with Crazy Rhythm enchantress in victory, but a subsequent advantage and a kharma performance is somewhat mediocre, the rhythm is not good, eventually IM let a chase two lost the match. From the game, we can also feel, posture in the middle of the strength or some, but due to long-term not in the middle, he is relatively weak for the overall situation of some control.

of course, these are just a few months ago we saw, since the Snake team in numerous candidates in the election of a single gesture, it certainly shows that the posture of the state is still good. For his performance next season, we are also very looking forward to. After all, one can see is called a genius player can return to their fame, position, from which side are very much hope that he can play their own style!



) we are pleased to announce that the original iG team single player Zzitai (Liu Zhihao) to free players to join our big family!

2015 in February, he practiced 16 hours a day on a single, go to an unfamiliar road open world.

2016 in December, he once again opened 16 hours a day practice mode, to a place where he had been honored to start again.

such a decision, is blocked on his career honor, will be questioned, will be denied. But please give Snake.Zz1tai applause, he played five years of occupation still persist in gaming pursuit, he won the victory so much but still can find the original dream.

Snake S7!

in Snake Corps officials announced at the same time, the attitude of the old club, IG team also released a gesture of leave a message, and the expression of the attitude of the reluctant "img_box"

": micro-blog full text:

this is perhaps the iG League Division of the new season's most reluctant staff change: former iG.LOL player Liu Zhihao (ID:Zz1tai) and iG Snake joined the contract expires, the electronic athletics club to free player identity, as a single player Snake League division. Thanks to the attitude for 4 years of hard work and iG iG, a storm, temper forward.

time is too long, more fortunate side by side, more fortunate to work together.

2012 years, the attitude to join the iG Battle in South Korea, Royal contest, attitude of mouth, bright Tienan turned the audience, and the brothers along the end of the 6 week won the champion Najin Shield, became a rising star.

2013, is the team's attitude has been the core Carry, single Ruiwen domineering debut, lit the death song killing spree, IEM Singapore station 2:0 victory over South Korea's top team to win the CJ.Frost finals, SWL 3:2 reversed the old rival WE coronation, 16 year old attitude stood in the country in high and vigorous spirits, in the top position in the list.

2014, iG to adjust the lineup, and the attitude is still the most sharp spear ", in the first Marcia cup, attitude of female leopard play well, iG eventually won the title," beat a boy "also continues to shine.

2015, the attitude of the transition team on the single, hard to practice their own technology, at the end of the Korean summit. Note the computer screen filled with a target, Rune page poetry hidden belief. IG.Zz1tai in the unit of a strong return, this year, we got S5 qualification, embarked on a dream stage.

2016, has been more and more mature attitude into the ranks of the "brother". NEST iG new lineup play brave, holding the trophy. This honor is a proof of our change, but also a witness to the growth of attitude.

the miracle boy genius, in the game to kill the Quartet, stunning the audience; the unyielding breakthroughs of the players, the team in order to change, bring a victory. The attitude that brings us countless surprises, still smile gentle, like yesterday.

is perhaps the first dream is still my heart, no matter how the years wash will not erase. Send gentleman thousand miles, only blessing, wish him back in a single position, still like flowers generally bloom, to the best posture.

" finally, we put a gesture in the Snake video interview, in the interview, the attitude mentioned in his old teammate, voice is also a little deformation, can feel the psychological attitude or miss his old teammates. Anyway, since the return to the single, then fans will look forward to you in the single position back to the peak! Come on!

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