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World Championships Fu Jiajun Ding Junhui

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【世锦赛】为丁俊晖叫好但别忘了傅家俊 他一直低调中前行

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2016 World Snooker Championship into the last four of the war, we are pleased to find that there are two Chinese faces in the semi-finals, one is Ding Junhui, another is Hongkong player Fu Jiajun. Are in the applause for the Ding Junhui, the vision of a title, Marco Fu in the same low-key forward. Ten years later once again scored World Championship semi-finals.

the world championships, Marco Fu to the identity of the 14th seed direct promotion race, the first round encounter "grind king" Ai Burton the bloodless 10-2 to obtain a dripping earned the victory. The second round against is out of the No. 3 seed Murphy McGill, 13-9, Fu Jiajun firmly win. In the quarter final opponents are looking forward to Ronnie O'Sullivan, the result is Hawkins 13-12 came to kill, the match against Hawkins, Marco Fu made a dream start to 9-1, but of course some slack, once was chasing 11-12, fortunately finally resisted the pressure, 13-11 narrowly cut. Fu Jiajun once again into the semi-finals in 2006 World championships.

Marco Fu of the sign bit is actually not good, but potential adversaries Murphy, O'Sullivan have knocked out, virtually let his promotion a lot less stressful. Perhaps you can say that there is a certain element of luck, but the key is to seize the opportunity Fu Jiajun himself. There is a saying not false, the opportunity is always left to the people, the semi - final face of Selby, who can say that Fu Jiajun can not further it?

once, this in Hong Kong was born, studying in Vancouver slightly shy face yellow skin boy is our snooker brother is our pride. Today, the highest level at the age of 38 he was still standing in the snooker world, bring us a surprise. Marco Fu nicknamed "Wonder Boy", 1998 turned professional, was ranked the world No. 377, these eighteen years, he by sentimental pool boy to now the gentlemanly star, through the many dejected, and inspired many young and frivolous.

snooker eyes focused for the first time in Marco Fu, is in 1998 he scored Grand Prix snooker final, when Marco Fu gatethe gatekeeper beat 7 players, including Ronnie O'Sullivan, Ebdon, but final 2-9 defeat Stephen Lee.

in 2003 before the world championships, Marco Fu in the European open and the Scottish open first round out and therefore are generally look bad, not to mention his first round opponent is then ranked first in the world for O'Sullivan. However, although O'Sullivan played 4 single Pobai, which also includes the a 147, but Marco Fu or 10-6 defeated his opponent, then the second round he went 13-7 defeat McMahon Nuss, until the quarter finals only 7-13 lost to Stephen Lee. 2006 World Championships is Marco Fu play best, he 10-3, 13-4 win over Mike manus and Maguire, 13-10 Rick Doherty entered the semi-finals, half will match him in 9-15 backward to 16-16 tie the score, the tiebreaker regret lost to Peter Ebdon. Style= max-width: "

Marco Fu in the 2000 Scottish masters play personal first 147 pole since, he has in than race 4 times to complete full marks, and 404 times single rod broken hundred, two major ranking tournament champion, a small ranking tournament champion and five non ranking tournament champion, and 8 tournament runner up, these are extraordinary achievement. Even more unusual is that over the years, Marco Fu gentleman demeanor, not Xinu in color style of the generals, deeply influenced every love his fans, but also bring us too much joy and touched the. To enter the world championships, he will write down how the chapter, we look forward to it.

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