Li Jie: Liaoning ship has the power of live fire exercises

The Navy Liaoning ship aircraft carrier ammunition

huanqiuwang· 2016-12-16 12:30:02

map: Liaoning ship and aircraft 15 fighters

announced China Navy official 15, Chinese Navy recently organized the implementation of the actual use of weapons carrier fleet exercises. This is the Liaoning ship. 4 years later, the first official to disclose the specific details of the Liaoning ship the actual use of weapons training, synthesis are also the first aircraft carrier. The aircraft carrier

expert Li Jie 15 of the "Global Times" reporter said, this is the Liaoning ship research training and stage training results, which means that the aircraft carrier formation has both ability of effective defense can also attack.

according to the Bureau of naval training staff to leadership, the Chinese Navy aircraft carrier formation is based on the actual use of weapons exercises, carrier testing and training plan unified arrangement, the purpose is to examine the level of military training and weapon equipment performance. According to

reports, the exercise in Bohai waters, spent a total of Liaoning ship and other various types of ships dozens of ships, dozens of airplanes, launch air-to-air and air to ship and ship to air missile type.

exercise, Liaoning ship and the number of vessels of Destroyer and frigate formation, has carried out a reconnaissance and early warning system, air intercept, sea assault and air defense anti missile drills and other subjects, many batches of F - 15 fighters mounted live, to exercise sea airspace strike action.

official although only a hundred words on the actual use of weapons exercises described, but the information disclosed can not be ignored. From September 2012. Since the Liaoning warship combat effectiveness has been of concern to the outside world. Earlier, the official report for the Liaoning ship gathered in the carrier based aircraft flight training made breakthroughs and achievements. During the period had an exception is in November 2013, Liaoning ship to the South China Sea to carry out training, this is the first time since the fall in sea area navigation training, but did not disclose the details of training courses.

first, the aircraft carrier formation further clarity. In November 2013 in the South China Sea to carry out training activities, the official news publicly, with the aircraft carrier formation consists of two groups: two drive supporting missile destroyer Shenyang, Shijiazhuang ship missile frigate Yantai ship, Weifang ship. The official mentioned in the drill aircraft carrier formation by dozens of ships, Li Jie believes that in addition to flooding, frigates, but also should include submarines, supply ships and fast support ship.

Li Jie believes that the aircraft carrier formation composition is not fixed, but in the number of various types of vessels, in different debugging, so as to achieve the optimization of combat capability.

Li Jie said the number of ships accompanied by aircraft carrier is affected by the number of carrier fighter aircraft and combat capability. "Even a mature carrier formation is not static. Like the United States aircraft carrier of its own strong enough, with seven and eighty aircraft, the number is enough, ability is strong enough, the associated ship can less appropriate; if the number of aircraft carriers, it would need to make up for the lack of ships with air defense, anti submarine capability. "

addition, depending on the opponent, the aircraft carrier formations should always make changes. Therefore, Liaoning ship fleet size is not fixed, but one from theory to practice in the inspection process, different plant, different number of consistency in debugging, running, in order to achieve the "no best, only better".

in addition, through the establishment of "reconnaissance and early warning system, air interception, analysis on the sea assault and air defense anti missile exercise subjects that aircraft carrier formation has the most critical ability, can effective protection, can effectively attack, is to showcase the achievements of the.

Li Jie further explained that these subjects comprehensive training shows that Liaoning ship training has entered a higher level, higher stage. "Originally the aircraft take-off and landing, followed by a variety of applications under different meteorological conditions, and the formation of sea, air defense, anti submarine forces, consisting of single task coordination. Now these abilities are all gathered together comprehensive exercises, centralized testing, proof of basic subjects to play a solid, to grasp the amount of. Air superiority, anti-ship, anti submarine, anti missile strikes on the sea and have a comprehensive ability to meet the operational requirements. "Many batches of F - 15 fighters mounted live, to exercise sea airspace to carry out combat operations, and achieve the goal to further illustrate this point.

Li Jie believes that the shooting also examines what kind of attachment in the implementation of air defense, anti submarine and anti missile combat missions can reach optimization, and constantly adjust in the process. Improve, improve.

mentioned in the official press release, the exercise, the participating elements of effective coordination, cooperate closely, the implementation of the accurate blow to the intended target, to achieve the desired purpose. Liaoning ship and its formation subsequent training will be determined based on progress.

according to experts, the evaluation shows that at least the current Chinese aircraft carrier formation has been successful at least proficient in an organization carrier formation mode between Liaoning ship and other ships and the ships of the fleet also have a coordination mechanism. This not only means that the Liaoning warship combat forces to further generate, but also for the future development of China's aircraft carrier provides a template.

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