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Nuclear warheads name Chinese U.S.

huanqiuwang· 2016-12-16 13:44:23

data figure: Chinese Dongfeng -5B liquid fuel intercontinental ballistic missiles at

China parade is the second largest economy in the world, and by the U.S. "eyeing", is regarded as the largest potential strategic rivals. At the same time, the United States is the 60% military transferred to Asia Pacific, want to stress Chinese concessions, but also from time to time to hear the familiar language no rules an American government or military hawks said Chinese. This Chinese and strategic deterrent force is too small, because Chinese's nuclear arsenal is relatively small the Security Council "Wuchang", which has seriously not suitable for the special position of the "second world". China's traditional thinking is nuclear weapons enough on the line, it is clear that with the increase in China's strategic risks, China's nuclear power "enough" has been unable to meet China's minimum requirements for national nuclear safety. Therefore, we must speed up the China Dongfeng -41 missile equipment, the intercontinental missile trains into service on duty as soon as possible, and finally realize the long term strategic nuclear submarine duty 094B/096. The

is the core content of this passage, summed up "an editorial in the Global Times" recently, it can be seen that the Chinese authorities have clear understanding that it is time to significantly enhance the strategic deterrent capability of the China! For a long time, from US President elect Trump to the United States, outgoing Defense Secretary Hagel, and the Japanese commander of US Pacific Command, Harris in the export into dirty, should have little fear Chinese not only said loudly, to continue to carry out the so-called "freedom of navigation", also threatened to send to F-22 Australia in the next year, and will never allow the threat Chinese occupation of public waters. After all, why they are so confident and dare to wanton, not with us super nuclear submarines, aircraft carriers, strategic bombers and intercontinental ballistic missiles and nuclear power emboldened to do.

according to the latest report released by the Swedish International Peace Institute in Stockholm, said the United States currently has about 7260 nuclear warheads, while the number of nuclear warheads in China is only about 260. At the same time, the United States nuclear delivery vehicles including B-52H type and B-2A type, 38 B-52H type bombers which were mounted 14 pieces of AGM-86B type nuclear cruise missiles and 18 B-2A type AGM-129 type cruise missile can mount 16 respectively B-63 nuclear bomb or the same number, the 14 ship Ohio class ballistic missile submarine each ship can carry Trident II D-5 submarine launched missiles 24 nuclear warheads, so the total carrying capacity of 14× 24× 8=2688, land-based "militia -3" intercontinental ballistic missiles 450 each carrying 8 nuclear warheads, a total of 3600, the amount is thus the U.S. nuclear warhead amazing. In the Chinese nuclear vehicle, only about a dozen Dongfeng -31A/B barely arrived in the United States, Dongfeng -5B in technology and some old, Dongfeng -41 has just begun to deploy, Dongfeng railway mobile version of -41 is still in the experimental stage, 094B type strategic nuclear submarine has just begun to remote patrol, all these platforms are easy to be the U.S. anti missile interceptor system to intercept, maybe only a few to complete deterrence missions, which are often ignored by the United states.

so, in the current nuclear warheads Chinese is only a fraction of the United States under the condition that the United States was a huge advantage, so that China dare do not have the ability and the head, this also resulted in the United States and around Chinese unbridled swagger before others. However, China is now the world's second largest economy, the world's largest trading country, or the largest U.S. reserve countries, and China's rise has reached a critical time. If the current status of the two Chinese support legs are economic strength and military strength, so China is a disabled person, because of the economic strength of the leg China is very rough, and the military strength of the leg China is very fine, Chinese to eighty, in the future, the military strength of the leg must be long thick. So, to ensure that does not fall into the United States and the Soviet Union as the premise of the cold war arms race, China should invest reasonable economic power, the United States does not break the curse of nuclear blackmail.

actually, many Chinese knew a person with breadth of vision, to the United States with super nuclear deterrent to China strategic oppression, and the United States Chinese must reach almost nuclear strength, to end the United States. Now, as the national Chinese mouthpiece of the "people's Daily" under the banner of the China largest nationalist newspaper, "Global Times" published an article that the public key, China must improve nuclear deterrent and accelerate the deployment of Dongfeng -41 missiles, may indicate that Chinese relevant departments are to change the thinking, hoping to accelerate the rapid development of strategic nuclear capability. Moreover, this is also equal to on behalf of the state issued a warning signal, that is in the United States in a special historical period of decline, there have been military and merchant mixed government trends the United States may become more realistic and more radical, is likely to make strategic showdown in the next period of time and Chinese, if not Chinese let us not easily have war adventure strength, it may be not only by the United States clipped by the United States to curb the rise of the historic road. So, Time will not wait for me., China must unconditionally economic strength into military strength, the only way to ensure that the "China dream" is not in vain!

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