Net net 2016 special action investigated and closed more than 2500 illegal websites

More than a special website dragnet

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clean up more than 327 network harmful information published: 2016-12-16 05:24 source: Youth Online Author: Liu

newspaper in Beijing on 15 December, (China Youth Daily · youth online reporter Liu Sheng) reporter today from the national pornography office was informed that the cut to the end of November, a total of around disposal of pornographic and other harmful information network more than 327, and more than 2500, shut down illegal websites, and Internet pornography cases since 862, the national anti pornography office to supervise the handling of 66 major cases, effectively combat illegal and criminal acts, effectively purify the cultural environment of the network.

since April this year, the national pornography Office of the "net net 2016 special action organizations in the country, all localities and departments to earnestly perform their duties, actively coordinate linkage, successively to the cloud disk, network broadcast platform, micro field, indecent video events, news client and other key areas of concentration and control. To crack down on pornographic information online. "

" as the main battlefield of Internet pornography "work, carry out" net net 2016 special action "the purpose is to crack down on illegal and criminal activities of production and dissemination of pornographic information, continue to purify the Internet space, and effectively protect the physical and mental health of teenagers. The "national" anti pornography office responsible comrades said.

focus on remediation of cloud disk, network broadcast platform, news client and other key areas around the "

" anti pornography "departments in accordance with the sources of corruption, broken network, cut off the interest chain work requirements for the five key areas of outstanding issues to carry out centralized control. "According to the national pornography Office of the person in charge, is a focus on remediation using cloud pornographic information. According to the national pornography office clue, around the focus on the more than and 20 cloud disk service enterprises to carry out special monitoring inspections, and investigating the use of a number of cloud spreading pornographic information from major cases, punished or shutting down the music disc network, SkyDrive, Coca Cola thousands upon thousands of horses and soldiers and many other serious issues of cloud cloud website effectively through online cloud channels to spread pornographic information flooding phenomenon.

two is focused on combating yellow network webcast platform. National pornography office coordinated culture, net letter and other departments of the "outsiders" Ying Ke "" Hey show "10 live pornographic content platform to carry out administrative punishment, and interviews with the relevant person in charge shall be ordered to live, and problems of the anchor and earnestly implement the main responsibility for the site.

three is continuing to combat the issue of micro dissemination of pornographic materials. Around the pornography department through investigating a number of micro-blog, WeChat, QQ and other social networking platform for dissemination of pornographic materials case, the national anti pornography office to supervise the handling of this type of 25 major cases.

four is the timely disposal of indecent video event, "fish" and "live coordination disposal made Doll" indecent video event, urged Internet companies to establish emergency response mechanism, active block pornographic information and links.

five is organized to investigate violations of news client, coordinate with relevant departments, close monitoring of key news client, deployed on today's headlines "a little information" two news client operating companies to carry out administrative punishment, interviewed a number of news client operating enterprises.

criminals use social networking platform for profit

huge amount of the national anti pornography Office of the person in charge, through investigating the "net net" focuses on the case found that many criminals take advantage of micro-blog, WeChat, Post Bar forum, the number of public service delivery platform as a promotional tool, the use of e-commerce sites, instant messaging tools as sales channels. To pay for the use of Alipay, WeChat red etc., a huge amount of profit, involving a wide area, bad social impact.

it is reported that Zhejiang Shaoxing 5· 26 network dissemination of pornographic material profit cases, criminal gangs, downline more than 100 people, all over the country's 27 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities), illegal profits totaling more than 600 yuan.

in this regard, pornography department organization resolutely investigate and combat, strictly crack down criminals, illegal punishment of Internet companies, do not perform or fulfill the main responsibility problem in enterprises. Meanwhile, all localities and departments focus on strengthening industry self-regulation, guidance, urge enterprises to fully implement the main responsibility.

special action, Tencent, Baidu, Sina, 360 and other major Internet companies to carry out self correction, through the website to keep sound position to take corresponding measures, strictly in accordance with regulatory requirements, the online cultural environment has been further purification. Multi sector

teamed up to remove the network pornographic junk culture

in special operations, the Ministry of public security, the Ministry of industry and information technology, Ministry of culture, the state Internet Information Office, the State Press and publication administration departments to actively perform their duties in close coordination. The Ministry of public security and vigorously promote the investigation of major cases, and the national anti pornography Office jointly supervise the handling of network dissemination of pornographic information of 51 cases of illegal information filtering, shielding of more than 900, found more than 57.8 illegal information disposal.

ministry to strengthen social supervision, strengthen the comprehensive prevention and control system, the center received a report of 12321 users to report pornographic Web sites more than 7 times, the verification of nearly twenty thousand times, combined with the relevant application store 73 involving pornographic App applications shelves. Focus on remediation of

Ministry of culture containing violence, pornography and harm the social morality content of network performance, and the "fire cat TV" 26 network platform, network platform and self correction, close show room 4313 serious violations, serious violations of the network termination 1502 performers.

national network information office network and resolutely curb the spread of harmful information, were shut down illegal account more than 31 months, more than 40 porn QQ group interviews, site 121, blocking foreign pornographic websites 462, and issued "Regulations" Internet broadcast service.

, the State Press and Publication Administration issued the "notice" on the strengthening of network audio-visual programs broadcast on service management, network audio-visual program services to live institutions, 30 round lawangshi of the whole network, to investigate pornographic programs for more than 6200 months, remove the block program link 1.5 million, involving more than 5700 websites.

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