The vet hunted the lion and killed him.

The lion anger veterinarian friends

zhongqingwang· 2016-12-16 15:22:04

network with

some time ago, a foreign man and a lion's carcass photo detonated network, the man holding a shotgun, with a smile on his face, and the lion eyes closed, fell on the ground.

photo out, causing a fierce siege of animal protectors. There are people in the Facebook on a page to humiliate him.

it was found that he not only hunted lions, including sheep, leopard and other wild animal.

" this man's name is Luciano Ponzetto, a 55 year old veterinarian, opened a veterinary clinic in Italy near Turin. But his hunting of animals and showing off is why he became a controversial figure.

's face of animal defenders condemned, Luciano Ponzetto defended himself: "although I am a veterinarian, but whether it is moral or professional ethics, and I do not hunt this contradiction. "The Veterinary Association of

Italy is also on the side of Luciano Ponzetto, saying:" hunting is a hobby and protected by law. What measures can we take against him. "But

, who loves to kill animals, eventually fell on the hunt.

" on that day, he was ready to shoot a group of wild birds, but accidentally slipped on the ice and fell into the 100 feet (30 meters) deep ravine of …

& hellip; a Italy police explained to the media: "he was the helicopter back to the local hospital, but he soon died, too late to rescue. "

Da Da Jun after reading this story, but did not think of what the" evil ", just a wonder to treat animal life, how to kill animal for pleasure?

boredpanda there are also put forward the related question, other users reply seems very reasonable:

"this pleasure and those about killing spree doctors is exactly the same. … …

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