Edison Chan Beijing personal photography screen cited netizens curious he said: photography is art

Edison Chan photography exhibition Chinese works entertainment.

qianzhanwang· 2016-12-16 19:20:38


Edison Chan exit entertainment, is still a popular figure in entertainment headlines. Some time ago Edison Chan and Lin Chiling tearing forced war caused by the entertainment unrest, and recently his own personal photography exhibition in opened in Beijing. December 16th Beijing Chaoyang District Ullens Center for contemporary art, Edison Chan's photography exhibition was officially opened.


Edison Chan has been interested in contemporary art, for this photography exhibition works, Edison Chan said: photography is art, art is life. To see how I shoot it all, come here to see me! Of course, the tour is free, but this is not a pure art photography exhibition, but involving cross-border business and art activities.

this photography exhibition 3125C Galleria Pop-up was launched by Edison Chan in March this year, the artistic plan, using the most overseas retail industry Pop-up form of fire in. Edison Chan's commercial brand in Tokyo, Losangeles fire later arrived in Beijing, which is also following the Hongkong, the activities held in second cities.


"center" but for the photography exhibition of Edison Chan, some netizens said that Edison Chan's works bloody red for too much, feeling more depressed, perhaps these works also can express the inner world of Edison Chan.

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