Haier core employee stock ownership plan, this year, white electric industry is still facing challenges

Haier plan

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[grid hea 2016 April 29, micro letter original] Qingdao Haier's latest announcement, < span style = "color RGB (255, 41 and 65);" > intends to push out core employee stock ownership plan, the initial extraction of the total funds for 25000 yuan, employee stock ownership plan to determine the first employee involvement is not more than 530 people.

  <, 8 directors, supervisors and other senior management personnel, respectively for Haishan, Tan Lixia, Wang Xiaonan, Gong Wei, Ming Guozhen, Wang Peihua, national day, Wang Yuqing, holds a total share does not exceed 465 million yuan, representing an initial share holding plan 18.60%; not more than 522 companies and subsidiaries of core technology (business) personnel, holds a total share 20350 million yuan, representing an initial stock ownership plan 81.40%.

  (255, 41, 65);" > by good news to stimulate, Qingdao Haier (SH600690) Friday morning rush, up to 8.53 yuan. As of Friday's close, the stock closed at 8.33 yuan, up 4.13%.


Qingdao Haier launched the employee stock ownership plan, there are four aspects of the purpose of. First, fully arouse the staff's enthusiasm, incentive a customer innovation and entrepreneurship, the self driven to create value and profit, innovation to complete the first competitive goal, enhance the value of the company, in the form of more efficient and sustainable returns to shareholders.

  < the second, promote the realization of networked strategic development goals guide full for the user to create value, create the competitiveness of enterprises; to create shareholder value, oriented behavior and corporate development strategy to maintain consistency, lead the implementation;

  < the third, further improve the compensation incentive system of the company, a sound corporate incentive, restraint mechanism, the establishment of shareholder and a between the guest benefit sharing, risk sharing mechanism.

  < the fourth, taking into account the company's long-term interests and short-term interests, open platform to support first-class human resources, can better attract entrepreneurial team and other key personnel incentive company management backbone, the core technology (business) personnel and the company required, thus better promote development of the company.


  according to the home appliance network (WeChat public number: jiadianwangHEA) access, in 2015, Qingdao Haier revenue 89 billion 700 million yuan. Company said, < span style = "color RGB (255, 41, 65);" the industry remains in the doldrums > during the reporting period and the company's active adjustment factors on income formation influence; but quarter points of view, with the adjustment effect of the gradual manifestation of last year in the fourth quarter revenue growth ring than to improve, in a single quarter revenue growth of 1.3%.

  < Haier refrigerator business in the fourth quarter of 2015 to maintain the high-end lead at the same time, through strengthening the market competitiveness of the terminal building, the high price of gold kitchen series air cooled refrigerator detonated measures contrarian growth, in the fourth quarter in a single quarter domestic sales revenue compared to the same period achieve double-digit growth.

  (255, 41, 65);" > last year, Haier gross margin 27.96%, an increase of 0.35 percentage points. Cost of sales rose 4.15%, increasing the cost of sales is the company in strengthening the Casa Di high-end brand, channel construction and based on the change of market competition environment to increase market user interactive input caused by.


according to the world authoritative market research firm Euromonitor International (Euromonitor) 2015 global large household appliances retail brand data show: Haier large household appliances 2015 retail brands accounted for the global market 9.8%, 7th ranked first in the world; at the same time, refrigerator, washing machine, wine cooler, freezer continue to ranked first in the world.

  < Qingdao Haier in the annual report pointed out that < span style = "color RGB (255, 41, 65);" > no successful enterprises, only the age of the enterprise, according to the times change flexibly adjust strategic direction is key to long-term sustainable development.

  < the company is in a stage of network strategy, is committed to to transition to the real Internet companies, to subvert the traditional enterprise system into a closed system, become the nodes of network interconnection, interconnection of all kinds of resources, build business era of jointly win-win ecosystem based on the value of user interaction, for consumers to provide smart home solutions, realize win-win value-added parties at stake.

 . < p > for this year's industry outlook, < span style = "color RGB (255, 41 and 65);" Haier > pointed out, 2016 China white electric industry is still facing great challenges, medium and long term, the white electricity market structure upgrade has great potential. In China's economy in the growth phase shift, the throes of restructuring under the big background, the white electricity market retains the amount, the terminal demand downturn and other factors on the growth of industry constitute a greater challenge. and the real estate market sales pick up, industry inventory digestion, and other factors is expected to absorb some of the negative factors, promote the industry back on track.

 . < p > in addition, after 30 years of development, relying on the huge Chinese market, China white electric company leading the global competitive strength continued to improve; outstanding company in the students capacity building and extension of mergers and acquisitions to expand the way to further enhance the global competitive strength and position in the industry, contribute to global resource integration and market to expand, open Chinese enterprises in the overseas market growth space.

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