Sleeping pose! Fan Bingbing Zhang Han Huang Zitao overacted

Fan Bingbing Zhang Han Chen He position

beiqingwangyule· 2016-12-17 06:49:25

star will often make people feel like or Tucao posture, including posing, posing a variety of points, the airport took place, eating, sleeping pose pose. But also to repair the picture!

Fan Bingbing has been hailed as a retirement fashion goddess, really on to attend the event, her dress is always so rosy, but in the camera is also need to keep good, even to sleep posture beautiful, Yan value! But are you sure you really slept? (sleep can even pouted, smiling ~ ~ ~ sleep to tease fans!)

Fan Bingbing has been hailed as not retired fashion goddess, sleep can even pouted, smiling

Tang advocate John, apply a mask to sleep to pose

looked at Huang Zitao smiling lips, Xiaobian you every minute to break the power of

" nuozha is a trick black body, but on the bed but sleep, painting so swollen like, just fell asleep

little meat, Yang Yang was sleeping to catch up with the actress who value

and Luhan's position is Yang Yang

" but when the roe, can be a bit awkward "

" has been used as the king of the world chowhound Chen, in addition to eat, there is a great hobby, that is,

said to get a hot cooking program made the stars are awkward, but it can be really position regardless of the image of ah

baby" actually there is sleep like this, but the foreign friends photographed, or makeup ~

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