These 5 features, you can see a child is gifted or poor

Children poor students or characteristics.

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children to eat, parents must know, nip in the bud.

primary school stage is the habit of children stereotypes, a variety of learning habits will gradually solidify down, even with the child's life. Of course, this learning habit includes both good habits and bad ones. The children in the primary school stage shows good or bad learning habits, will to some extent foreseeable or the poor child is gifted in the future learning career.

in the child's learning, parents must know, nip in the bud. Children in the future whether teachers and parents in the eyes of the so-called "poor students", from the following 5 habits can be judged.

learn to love and parents bargain

many children like to learn and parents bargaining. Mother let the child to do homework before watching TV, he proposed exchange: after I finish my homework to watch TV for an hour more than usual; mother let the children to study hard, strive for the examination of progress, he was contemplating a deal: test progress you want to buy toys and go to the amusement park & hellip; … life in the bargain, children and parents to be too numerous to enumerate examples.

this bargaining may be expected in the short term, but it will not be lasting. Moreover, children will lose the initiative to pursue knowledge motivation and interest. Learning is a long road, this only consider the immediate interests of the reward is very fragile.

I think, children love to bargain, curse of the parents. Parents are not often said to the child:

if you take full marks this exam, I will buy you a toy car. "

" if you finish your homework, I'll show you a cartoon. "

you always talk with the children, children and how not to follow suit in turn to bargain with you? Children can always feel very keen, you are asking them, they will feel their hands have bargaining chips, naturally know how to bargain with parents.

children bargaining, parents must hold their position. No matter how children Ruanmoyingpao, parents are not to be softhearted. Gently patiently to the child repeatedly why, let the children understand the position and principles, you slowly, the child will quit.

parents should not be afraid of crying children. When the child because no purpose and crying, parents can try to divert the child's attention, let him put his mind on other things. In short, as long as the child is not hurt, when he was crying do not meet his demands, otherwise the child will be insatiable.

or before the child should do one thing, give him two choices, let the children make their own decisions, and learn to take responsibility for their own decisions. For example, the child after dinner to watch TV and then write homework, then parents can let the children choose to watch 20 minutes of television to do homework, or finish homework after watching TV for 30 minutes.

likes watching TV, playing computer, watching TV, playing mobile phone

mobile phone computer are extremely harmful to children's learning and development.

first, it hinders the development of children's language, because watching TV, playing mobile phones is one-way, and language learning is to be achieved through communication.

second, indulge in electronic products, will let the children used to receive information and without thinking, lazy thinking and inquiry.

third, watching television and other computers hinder the development of the child's imagination, because the child is in a state of passive indoctrination.

finally, watching TV more children do not concentrate, making future learning more difficult.

no rules no Cheng Fangyuan. Parents must give their children the rules, dinner, homework can not watch TV, TV to see how long, parents in advance to communicate with the children, let the children to reduce the chance of shameless. When the child crying, can be resolved in accordance with the above method.

parents can not watch TV or play mobile phones as a reward or punishment, which will only increase their value in the child's mind.

is the most important, parents must pay much time with children, playing the real game. Play cards in the room, enjoy outdoor activities, chat, debate, and participate in discussions. Learn interesting things together, whether it's new musical instruments, new crafts, dancing, or sports. These can reduce the child's desire for electronic products.

encountered difficulties to give up

some children will not encounter the problem, will choose to give up, either to the teacher, classmates, parents for help, never thought of using their wisdom and strength to solve the problem.

children easily give up, one because he is too lazy to think, two because of his lack of sense of power, that he can not see the completion of the dawn.

children ask their parents to ask questions, parents should first distinguish the problem belongs to the child should be the scope or beyond the scope of the child's ability. If the child will be within the scope of this, parents can pretend stupid, take out the child can rely on crutches, let the children learn to think independently.

as parents, in addition to comfort and understanding, more important is to use the words and deeds of child education, when we encounter setbacks, we are facing and how to actively work to change, for the positive attitude of a successful.

irregular lifestyle

as the weather gets colder, kids get up getting harder and harder. Ask the children to get up every day, they spend more than 20 minutes. While Laichuang reason, because the vast majority of sleep caused by. A direct consequence of

get up late that day a poor spirit, can not concentrate in class, performance decline. In addition, irregular living habits will let the child's resistance becomes poor, is not conducive to the development of height and weight. The body is the capital of learning. Poor physical quality, learning can not keep up with nature.

children irregular work, part of the reasons for their parents. Now a lot of 80 parents accustomed to nightlife, so also let the children lead the "day and night reversed" nightlife. So, parents try to play an exemplary role.

recommended for children to set a sleep time, as a "dead", unless there are special circumstances, usually at this time you have to go to sleep. For example, the provisions of the child to go to bed at 9, then 8:30, it is necessary to try to let the child calm down, ready to go to bed.

children before going to bed, we must avoid the child's intense exercise. Don't let children watch cartoons, play games, this will only let the child's brain in excitement. Adults need to spend a little, try to form a fixed pattern, for example, to give their children a bedtime story, listen to soothing music, to appease the child's emotions, children create a quiet and peaceful sleep environment, the purpose is to let the children know, quiet after be in bed.


child aprosexia, homework time of two minds, procrastination, which leads to low efficiency; child inattention, class or often to the east to west, or love to whisper, anyway, not listen carefully. Centering

can focus on one thing, which is an important reason for children to learn the difference. outstanding students, most can focus on one thing. Do anything, focus is the foundation of success, not focus is the main cause of failure.

so, fostering the child's concentration is very necessary. Parents can let the children out every day about ten minutes to read the text aloud, in the process of reading, to pay special attention to the correctness. Do not add the word, the word does not leak, do not change the word, not read back, not depressed, this is a way to cultivate mindfulness is very effective.

also, when children do their own thing, parents do not interfere with them, and don't make a noise, not being interrupted their ideas, give them independent private space, to avoid distractions, so as to improve the focus. The parents must read


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