Bear children challenge illustrator, this monster dream good warm meng!

The child painter infinite monster

jianjiaosheji· 2016-12-17 06:57:50

" from illustration and brand design (ID:sheji-520)

through the art of re understanding of the world in the United States

a small school the second grade classroom

all children shocked


what happened to

enough to let the children with big eyes,

is the American artist

Katie Johnson

(Katie Johnson

) Is a unique painting exhibition "

" with the neglect of the art school, many children gradually lose the exploration of creativity. this is a terrible trend for artists as Katie. She knows how important it is for children to explore art for the first time, and it will affect their lives.

so Katie decided to help the child, when she found the second grade primary school students, accidentally from the children's painting to find inspiration, if reproduced children's creativity with artists and creative way, can not let the children see their idea of value?

" is indeed a good idea to

Katie immediately and school cooperation

and invite 20 students to participate in graffiti

let them enjoy drawing their own world

" then the children in her imagination on the basis of

these paintings with their own techniques to re draw a picture of < / p>

so cute adorable picture was born

" and then she took the works on the Internet, everyone was shocked by the child's imagination. Soon, more than 120 artists from different countries around the world began to take the initiative to contact Katie. They hope to help more children to create.

so, together they created a global project that was named The Monster Project (monster project).

" and all of the artists participating desire are very simple

they only to help the children of the world

recognize its creative force

and encourage their courageous pursuit of their imagination and

began to produce unique views of

and Katie gathered 120 children doodle to the world, collected works distributed to every artist hands. Some of them use hand-painted creation, and some use Photo shop rendering.

different artists have different style of , so these children in the hands of the artists of these ideas will be what is it?

" please enjoy

from the second grade students in primary school and the 120 artists joint exhibition

< strong>


so the child wanted to draw a rainbow world panda

"the artist, not only draw the little panda

also drew a big mouth class= blame


"the kids want a moving castle

< P class= "img_box" id= "id_imagebox_12" =''>

" to help you to restore the true artist "img_box"

< strong>3

the three little girls too good

that they have to wear the same clothes and trousers to school

" and their success away all the students


" the little girl wanted to lie in space to see the moon

"bite" your desire has achieved

" he wanted to make friends at school have heard their song "img_box

" that will open a concert "you

is electricity, you are light, you are only the myth of … …

" I want to stay away once said "img_box id=" class= Explorer

" OK, go up

I want a talking house

hi, Hello, I will not only speak

also comes with pre Chaoqing 360 hassle camera

the school gate traffic too chaotic

I want a pipe they

" OK, see who daring red


I want to draw a timid monster

is your shadow scared coward.


I want to dress in neat



this uncle will destroy the city.

, don't be afraid, he just wants to steal your bear


I want to draw a future world of


" this is not only a vicious monster will fly yo


the students say I do not know what the picture is

let the monster to hit the aircraft

<. P>


" Hey, look at my new toys "img_box"

the toys don't scare people Oh


" the flying monster debut

" is actually quite lovely


" I'm going to draw a big cock

then big cock with chicks walking


rain, happy

in the sunshine after the rain



I want to put my monster. The negative panghu in prison

Le, closed in


I want to cross The dinosaur era


[i robot "a fearless img_box" id= "id_imagebox_50" =''>


" I was a monster caught, save me

" don't worry, he just wanted to play a game of




only a strange dream big


found a stone

touch will have good luck oh


for my mother's birthday

"OK, Happy birthday mom!


" I was alone in the forest tree

" in fact you are happy tree


" wow. I want to live in the castle


" I have a pair of super laser eye

but can only kill small insects


eat too much

will be pregnant

" you guess?


" I'm going for a drive

< /p>

not to speed!

" is not only drawing again works

and even the artist will be children's paintings made of clay figurine

very creative

has the child's painting artist

" every child a happy smile

they are participating in the process not only harvest Happy, confident and

" and even some originally very solitary child

in this activity to know the world in the past have been lonely

inferiority painting happy

" now they will organize such a large project, every time there will be 100-130 students and artists in cooperation. And the number of participants continues to grow. All the works that

children create will be named after them, and some works will be sold online, when the children's paintings are recognized. their confidence in artistic creativity will be greatly enhanced.

" at the same time they are also in the world to recruit more volunteers to participate in the

plan in order to help more children grow up happy and

artists use this way to respect the child

rather than reward or punishment to lure him

threatened him as only encourage their interests view and fear

let them find their own in painting, in order to realize the self value of

" is not only the child

everyone should be like this


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Bear children challenge illustrator, this monster dream good warm meng!

Bear children challenge illustrator, this monster dream good warm meng!