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Breast milk method postpartum lactation

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smart mom knows the benefits of breastfeeding, so choose breastfeeding, let mom and baby more healthy! However, how to use the method, let the milk endless, continued feeding? Master the principle and the "little tricks", you can easily "milk"!

exactly how to secrete rich nutrition, adequate milk? This is a lot of breastfeeding mothers are very worried about the problem. In fact, the quality and quantity of milk secretion is determined by many factors, such as: happy mood, regular life, healthy and balanced diet are important factors. And the most important thing is the mother's nutritional status oh.

increase in postpartum female grandma method 5 fat milk diet prolactin if malnutrition, the quality and quantity of milk will be affected.

" therefore, the diet should be varied and prepared food in sufficient quantity, and has a high nutritional value, rich in protein and calcium food should pay more attention to selection, and deployment of a balanced diet.

lactation mother balanced diet 3 note

1, for lactating mothers, balanced diet is to eat the following kinds of appropriate amount of food every day. 450g-500g 100g-150g cereal, eggs, bean 50g-100g, fish, poultry and livestock meat 150-200g, milk 250g-500g, 500g vegetables (green leafy vegetables accounted for more than 1/2), fruit 100g-200g, sugar 20g, cooking oil 20g-30g, salt seasoning amount, should be appropriate restrictions.

2, cooking methods more stew, boil, boil way, avoid using fried way. Such as chicken, duck, meat and fish, the best way is to boil or stew, and when eating soup, so as to increase nutrition, but also can promote the secretion of milk. TIPS: how much is proportional to the quantity and amount of soup is not the mother, so you don't have to milk enough and a lot of soup. (but more soup soup water is necessary, can not drink or not drink.)

3, daily except for normal three meals outside, can add meal 2-3 times. Because more than 90% of the composition of milk by water, so to drink plenty of water between meals. Spicy wine and other irritating foods should avoid eating. The number of


increased the secretion of milk is a stimulus response time of the nerve, when the baby suck the nipple, the mother will stimulate the pituitary prolactin and oxytocin reflex. Because breast milk is easily digested, mother of 1 to 2 hours will need to feed a baby, but with frequent sucking times, the amount of milk, feeding the interval will gradually lengthen.

mother early lactation, and even in the production stage can be carried out, so that mothers and babies learn faster effective interaction, including milk and milk feeding posture.

foot 3000c.c. water

maternal often feel thirsty, in addition to the production of blood loss, and milk secretion, therefore, must drink plenty of water, some water will cause the mother worried about a big belly, edema and other circumstances, but the amount of water intake, but the body resistance The new supersedes the old., heavier burden the secretion of milk, hinder. Recommended at Chinese medicine room to buy litchi shell to boil water to drink, with a high degree of thirst quenching effect.


just started, the mother's milk secretion is relatively small, so, when the mother saw the baby crying, worried that he is hungry? While the global formula milk for the baby to drink, let the clever baby suck the nipple found action more laborious, gradually do not want to drink milk, and the milk secretion quantity! Therefore, the mother must be firm will, confidence continued, after all, sucking on the baby's growth and development, is very good!

milk food to eat

consider modern stress life convenient, so the following food materials are easier to obtain, such as: lettuce seed porridge, peanut pig, Green Papaya Soup, good results! In addition, sesame paste is also very good, recommended that mothers do not have to do in accordance with the above recipe, little change, such as: black sesame porridge if mom cooking is not easy, can buy ready-made sesame paste, home brew can be.

diet taboo

leek: cold food, with milk effect.

ginseng: pregnant women is best not to eat, not only back the role of milk is easy to cause contraction of the uterus, and bleeding.

malt drinks: fried malt can be used to milk back.

: the amount of alcohol can produce milk, in principle, shall not exceed a gram per kilogram of body weight; excessive intake of alcohol will reduce the milk ejection reflex.

milk: allergic family history can avoid.

irritating food: coffee, tea, chocolate, cola, etc., will indirectly stimulate the baby, causing crying in the middle of the night.

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