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Q: labor day how? Answer

: no one is labor . Have you heard of statutory holidays in creative writing make double royalties, a golden week royalties broken million story?? Class= >

ask: why last week did not have customer service time? Answer

: last week, for customer service time of the students received a phone from the British very serious telephone, so busy a day... But this time we picked out 10 questions!

Q: original how to search the article? Answer

: open in the PC (WWW.TECH2IPO.COM) search a more eye-catching. Class= >

Q: will Papi sauce start VR live? Class= author-783 " answer: class= author-783 "

will, do not add advertising is already to the corresponding VR device advertising, the effect is very good. Class= >

Q: why don't you plant the computer test vive HTC? Class= author-783 " answer: class= author-783 "

because I plant employees are conscious not to play games at work time. Class= >

ask: why is "under the kitchen" and "on the toilet"? Answer

: when the, we and shit to deal with, such as going to work, when we and meal in dealing with, such as work. Class= >

ask: can the fish see the water if the human can not see the air? Answer

: & nbsp;

see brick base. The call aerogels. Although it is not entirely air, it is a good way for us to "see" the air. Density is only three times the air.

: mobile phone screen fell a no broken, then the next fall broken probability will not falling high? Class= author-783 "

answer: class= author-783 " if you can quickly go to paste a tempered film, the next time it is more secure...... Class= >

Q: the same is cooked meat, a long time, why some of the meat will become rotten meat will become old? Class= author-783 "

answer: class= author-783 " as long as you cook for a long time, the meat will eventually be rotten...... Ask

: why you about which we display only a programmer, but specially with the manager of a product, is not is a waste? Answer

: , the product manager concurrently products, technology, editing various positions and extremely low wages, never waste a little bit, rest assured.

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American TV broadcast was interrupted, unexpected pop-up Windows10 prompted to upgrade the max-width: 100%;

Microsoft to promote Windows10 spare no effort. For example, yesterday, the U.S. state of Iowa KCCI television broadcast weather forecast, Microsoft upgrade tips on the no sign to play out. The foreign friends has given Microsoft a nickname, "nag" software (nagware).

then anchor Slater is warning local residents. Over the next few days to guard against lightning strikes and suddenly Microsoft a Windows 10 prompted to upgrade play out, occupy the screen more than half, for interruptions sudden, anchor Slater scared a jump, helplessly said, "Microsoft advised to upgrade to a Windows 10, I the how to do?" Class= >

in the background of the rapid response of staff, turn off the upgrade prompt box. But the whole process has been recorded users, become netizens accused Microsoft Update prompts are a nagging software "irrefutable evidence.

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Google is to build a new hardware department by former Motorola CEO

quoted foreign media reports re / code, Google is planning to build new hardware department, and helm re invited former Motorola CEO Rick Osterlof (Rick osterloh). 2014 Lenovo for $29 billion from the hands of the Google acquisition of Motorola mobility, he continues to hold the position of Motorola's chief operating officer, until March 18 this year he announced his resignation, Google official confirmed he will be responsible for independent of hardware department, responsible for the unified nexus, OnHub, chromebook pixel product line.

Sony announced the 2015-2016 fiscal year (April 2015 31 March 1, 2016) revenue situation. In the fiscal year, Sony's turnover for 81057 billion yen, from the previous fiscal year compared to a decline of 1.3%; operating profit was 2942 billion yen, compared to the same period rose 392.2%. Sony's net profit the same than last year rose, 1478 billion yen. Benefit in "game and network service related businesses, especially the PS4 Games sold, the company's overall revenues can be roughly offset. Caused by

is the main cause of the decrease in turnover decline in revenue for the business of mobile communication, the Department did not reach the last fiscal year when the expected goal. But thanks in "game and network service related businesses, especially the PS4 Games sold, the company's overall revenues can be roughly offset.

the the business interests of the rise is mainly due to to improve the mobile communication, games and online services business revenue situation, but in this fiscal year, in the business of the financial business, the movie business deteriorated sharply. In addition, SONY also through the sale of shares held by SE 4 billion 800 million yen.

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  Ali cloud President Hu Xiaoming: 99% innovative start-ups will no longer buy hardware

" 1.6; if the enterprise CTO is still with the boss said to buy hardware, buy a server to develop, it is wasting enterprise profit. "April 27, Hu Xiaoming, President Ali cloud in cloud habitat conference in Nanjing Summit: keynote speech, sharp pointed out that for most enterprises, today is still a large number of procurement of hardware is the inertia of thinking, he thinks enterprise innovation why run faster, from the IT decision-making is evident.

"this is like building a house without his power plant construction, purchase server hardware has become outdated practice, because can completely through the cloud computing to faster and better, to resolve". Hu Xiaoming stressed that now 99% of innovative start-ups are no longer buying servers, but instead of using cloud services. Class= >

Hu Xiaoming pointed out that in the current environment, cloud computing to a new point of view to determine whether a company's traditional. "At the beginning of reform and opening up, private run quickly because of the vision has the courage, but into the mobile Internet based innovation era, competition is the technical ability, competition is the talent. Central enterprises embrace innovation, cloud computing more than the number of private enterprises.

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: OPPO, vivo will come to the inflection point of Lenovo, millet out of global TOP5
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