The last guardian: a warm seven year covenant

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2016 is a wonderful year, some time ago with the "Final Fantasy 15" release, many people finally ended his years of waiting. And now the arrival of "the last guardian", also let some fans but a wish, because since 09 years E3 announced that the game player has been waiting for it for 7 years, from Ueda Fumihito on the development of a novel "shadow of the Colossus" is more than ten years, we have been too long do not feel that the ethereal world, also not too long to realize that the one and only emotion. So follow the video, take a look at this "seven years" will bring us what kind of experience.

"on the last guardian

familiar with Ueda Fumihito's friends should know that each of his works about" Minimalism ", this style throughout, since you first saw" the last guardian "will have experience, game the picture has a very refreshing feeling and spirit, through the hresvelgr feathers and trees swaying, good show wind and air these invisible elements. Again with the simple to almost no UI interface, as well as quiet atmosphere scene design, this is not anxious not impetuous feeling, like the shade of summer, it is easy to let people originally restless heart calm down. In describing the performance, the use method is more realistic, the hero image design by generalization and abstraction, and took some of the excessive exposure in the outdoor scene style, Yizhenyihuan, show the good developers "not real sense" of the concept, the overall permeability is not empty. Although the map level is not absolutely outstanding, can listen to BGM looking at the picture is still sufficiently intoxicated. But it still has a shortcoming, the optimization of the current level is to be strengthened, lack of a lot of time to feel the frames, frame dropping will occur from time to time, if you want to pursue the perfect gaming experience are only in the game player, PS4 Pro experience, although the quality improvement is not obvious, but compared with the normal version. Pro version of the frames obviously would come more stable.

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" remains the last guardian "and its predecessor" ICO "," shadow of the Colossus ", is also a with action elements puzzle game, game player and we need to partner with hresvelgr, to cope with the challenges and continue to move forward. It is not difficult puzzles, are mainly to match and organ, but not good experience and overall, partly because of the operation and the role of "control perspective, the last guardian" does not use the common control buttons (and does not support adjustment), I recognize the jump and climb with the triangle corresponding, the fork corresponding to squat, the design of such key, in the same direction with the logic, combined with the role of other actions, a sense of substitution, but the habit of jumping fork is ordinary game player, really need to adapt. Character control feeling in the action and buttons, items on the judgment of the problem, sometimes there will be no action according to the command instructions and walking brake car situation, this experience is not very good. If the control can also find some reasons to save some points if the game in the perspective of performance is really called properly bad, probably because of "the last guardian" to take into account the protagonist, owashi and protagonist in the hresvelgr on three perspectives, reference too much because of the game camera tracking is rigid and messy, especially when the protagonist lying on the hresvelgr body, often there will be some of you don't know what is in the perspective of a state, but also fast flip, jump shot, let people Speechless.


view from time to time ventilation another effect play experience point is puzzle rhythm, although" the last guardian "the mystery of comparison routine, but that of the poor, we can only through the narrator very obscure language this passage moving target, so it is often difficult. But the game player needs and owashi together to solve puzzles, can the real head of AI design for the hresvelgr is not always pay attention to you and call instructions, so often in an already know how to through the place because disobedient hresvelgr and delayed for a long time, or because the hresvelgr no response the feedback action, this is no way to think, and spend a lot of time to make detours. Plus all except this simple but very difficult to solve the puzzle, there is almost no other play, the whole process is very lengthy hint to hit the handle upset in the play, this feeling really bad.

" can only solve the hresvelgr by armored soldiers believe

to the above content, many people have to make this disappointment, but how could Ueda Fumihito's "genius" allow yourself to develop such a "junk", so "the last guardian" there is a right way to open, allow us to experience it is the interaction between people of key. The front is mentioned, this made the hresvelgr AI level is very high, a variety of small move, small expression and response to the surrounding environment, with the feathery shape true to life in reality, like biology, its relationship with lead will gradually warming up in the interaction, from the alert to call again to command to lead can be overcome in order to fear, with the mutual interaction between the depth, you will find the hresvelgr slowly become "smart", can quickly respond to your commands, or even to find their own way, before meeting the irritability naturally and then you feel smoothly done or easily solved, in addition, the puzzle of success joy, seems to have something else, until you meet some of them will change radically, gradually clear, originally these things is slowly in the interaction of hresvelgr dependence, The hresvelgr feelings, it is not hard to instill you over and over again but through setting, and a "living" in the contact, the inherent human emotion gradually by generation, and then through the design of several emotional outbreaks will emerge when the moment the outbreak, after all emotions are often only until feel to be lost this setting, the experience of touching enough.

hresvelgr food

"is actually interactive all of the content of the last guardian" is to create and develop and owashi emotional game player instead, take the story, only the pursuit of artistic expression is different in many games the "intention, the rest of their understanding, this is very straightforward about the boy and owashi go adventure pursuit of freedom of the story, not what philosophy, not what is very simple, but pretend to be profound, but through the deduction it is full of the affection, and the developers" minimalist "ideas completely fit, but the objects from the people in The animal, the unspoken feelings more sincere, too strong to break believe pets at home, friends will be able to understand what it means.

"moments of tension with the deepening of the game, my interaction with hresvelgr is more natural, many acts are derived from their own needs rather than the game, sometimes just called the name of it, it came to touch him you can feel very happy face, and agreeable, when finally realize that the game ends, I often stop looking at it, look at it from a distance of the face, silently to our next meeting (two week), I think this is what Ueda Fumihito wants to see him. Two between the roles of fetters, infected with the screen in front of us, we also raised for similar emotional memories and cherished experience, with each game player. The mind. What is it like to

"at the moment, in fact

to judge" the last guardian "is not an easy thing, it gives me a strong sense of cutting crack, if starting from the emotional experience, this is almost flawless, it show the experience is different from other games of Art (such as painting, film and television) the unique form of emotional culture this silent like, than now many games alone scane heighten feelings and atmosphere to come, come true. However, if combined with its awful manipulation and perspective, then "the last guardian" apparently no show "the qualities of God". In addition, the play point is also very limited, or do not have to let the public consumers play very cool kind of play. So the above, "the last guardian" and the idea will never be mainstream, but the fans waiting for 7 years is also not white, because now awash with "3 yuan dangdie, 5 yuan Adam, 10 yuan when the ancestors, the game environment 1 knife 88" under the, can play to a temperature of the game is so precious.

comments: a temperature game.

score: 8.4

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