Women sell real estate prices skyrocketing buyers are intermediary wife

House prices inflation buyers wives

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" in the contract of real estate brokers signed blank

an online news according to the Anhui Daily reported 2016 Hefei prices raging like a storm in a year, while working in Guangzhou, Ms. Ning is unaware. In April this year, a number of intermediary companies, but Ms. Ning had a quiet life mix into a mess: the property market changes without the knowledge of the situation, Ms. Ning City will only set 5900 yuan per square meter of housing in accordance with the "cabbage price" sale, and signed a "real estate brokerage contract" but, after this she has learned that the surrounding housing prices had risen to million yuan, more let her think that the purchase of the real lady is actually the real estate intermediary sales manager's wife … …

3 years ago, the house to sell online, has been working outside

Ms. Ning home in Huoqiu, has been married with her husband working in Guangzhou.

according to the introduction, in 2011 in Hefei Luyang District Hetang Ning Road No. 266 blue court to buy a set of housing, construction area of about 132 square meters. 2013, Ms. Ning had tried to sell this set of affordable housing, an intermediary company will be 750 thousand to the housing prices posted online. Since then, due to the provisions of the financing room for less than 5 years may not be temporarily stranded in the market. Until April of this year, Ms. Ning has been living with her husband's children in Guangzhou, thousands of miles away from the property market in Hefei never noticed.

suddenly received an intermediary phone, 3 hours to sign the contract

this year in April, when I suddenly received an intermediary phone, the other is an intermediary company sales manager in Hefei. Ms. Ning said that the other asked her to have a house hanging online sales, Ms. Ning said". "Then he said that now the house has customers want to buy, ask me sell not sell?" I was clearly told him, my house is raising room, less than 5 years, can not sell. "But the sales manager said that as long as Ms. Ning agreed to sell," buyers are willing to wait until the expiry of 5 years after the transaction. "

this year May Day holiday, Ms. Ning went back home," was informed that the situation after the intermediary, advised me to Hefei trip, they want me to bring the property permits to see the buyer room. Ms. Ning said that in May 8th she came to Hefei, a female buyer in the agency under the introduction of the look at the room, when the buyers expressed satisfaction, but did not expect the intermediary on the spot advised me to sign a contract. Ms. Ning said she had never been concerned about the property market in Hefei, housing pricing she has never considered. "At that time the intermediary advised me, said the house is from the housing, housing quality is not the best, in addition to a buyer is willing to wait until 5 years after the transaction, the buyer is very hard to find, once missed, would never find. "Ms. Ning said that after less than 3 hours, she sleepwalk to sign the three party contract for the sale of housing.

eventually, Ms. Ning about 132 square meters of the house sold only $790 thousand, the average price of only more than 5980 yuan / square meter.

house for sale, buyers should be sales manager?

signed back home, the home was told Ms. Ning Hefei housing prices rose a lot, when Ms. Ning is not aware of the seriousness of the problem. "This until I returned to Guangzhou, Hefei relatives heard that I sold the house, call me to ask how much to sell, they heard that are not only sold 790 thousand yuan to believe, because at that time the price in Hefei area has been sold to 10 thousand yuan a square metre, and the house I belong to the house, had never lived the price should be higher. Relatives said suddenly let Ms. Ning dizzy. Ms. Ning

regrets, can calm down come to the whole process, the intermediary company did not warn Hefei housing prices has shrunk. In addition, in August of this year, Ms. Ning learned that a more alarming news, buy the woman is to contact the name of the wife of my intermediary manager. Ms. Ning said, "in the house, the signing of the contract, the sales manager had made no mention of this.

is our ignorance or fall into another trap?

12 15 in the morning, the reporter saw at the time Ms. Ning signed a contract to sell the house, in the "stock of housing sales contracts", signed by both parties in time for 2016 May, but the two sides agreed before April 20, 2017 to real estate management department to apply for housing stock transfer registration procedures; and in the "real estate broker" economic contract, (Bing Fang) signature bar appears blank, only in the blank cover of Hefei Belvedere real estate marketing planning Co. Ltd. "seal. Ms. Ning said

, then she invited professionals to see the sale of the housing contract, they all laugh at me, said I was too ignorant. First, in no clear market prices under the condition of the temerity to just tell people to sign the agreement; second, the contract itself is not standardized, the broker column, sales manager didn't write the name, also does not write the certificate no.. I want to come now, the sales manager is found that I do not know Hefei prices have soared, call me, and then lied to me on the spot signature, conceal his name, but also to conceal the buyer is his wife's important news. Speaking of the "real estate experience, Ms. Ning call on their own when. She hoped that the real estate agency to give a statement.

intermediary responsible person admits the existence of multiple violations of the contract

12 15 afternoon, reporters call the Hefei Belvedere real estate marketing planning company involved sales manager Mr. Sun, Mr. Sun said at the time of contract, the purchase of housing buyers Ms. Wu is really his wife, but for other problems, Mr. do not want to say.

person in charge of the company's manager, respond to the matter said, buyers Ms. Wu is indeed Mr. Sun's wife, but two people now have been divorced, "but as a real estate sales manager, should promptly notify the buyer to the seller information. In addition, in the real estate economic contract, the three party signature, sun manager only covered the company official seal, did not sign his name, this is also a violation of the regulations, should write the name. "

finally, Jia manager said, Ms. Ning real time, the urban area surrounding the price at seven thousand or eight thousand yuan per square meter, compared with Ms. Ning selling price of 5980 yuan, there is obvious difference. In fact, according to media reports, before signing the contract in April, Ms. Ning, Hefei city was listed the average price of second-hand housing has reached 12846 yuan / square meters.


contract unconscionability may apply to the court for revocation of

in this regard, Beijing's (Hefei) senior partner of the law firm Fu Lei lawyers said, "this matter, the parties to sell the housing price significantly lower than the prevailing market price, is very do not understand the parties in the market under the condition of the contract, manifest fair. In addition, China's "real estate broker management approach" in the real estate intermediary behavior also has the corresponding norms, the real estate brokerage contract real estate brokerage agency, shall explain the relevant content of the real estate brokerage services contract and the contract for the sale of housing or housing lease contract to the client, and inform the related matters in writing, including whether there is a relationship with the housing, "while sales manager knew that houses sold his wife, did not notice to seller, there to conceal the truth of the suspects, in violation of the relevant provisions of the contract law, infringes the interests of the seller.

thus, lawyers believe that, Ms. Ning can apply to the people's court for revocation of the signed real estate economic contract, lifting the rights and obligations of both parties.

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"real estate broker management approach" (No. eighth) the first chapter of the provisions of article fourth, engaged in real estate brokerage activities shall follow the principles of voluntariness, equality, fairness and good faith, abide by the occupation standard, abide by the occupation moral.

the provisions of article twenty-first, the real estate brokerage service contract real estate brokerage agency, shall explain the relevant content of the real estate brokerage services contract and the contract for the sale of housing or housing lease contract to the client, and inform the following items: (a) whether written interested &hellip and commissioned housing; …

twenty-fifth provisions real estate brokers and real estate brokerage personnel shall have the following acts: (a) false information spread prices, and real estate development business unit or collusion property hoarding, the housing speculation, to manipulate the market price; (two) of the housing transaction information of the parties to the transaction to conceal the true, low income price (rent) out housing price; (three) to conceal, coercion, fraud, bribery and other illegal means to entice consumers to attract business, trade or strong For trading; (eight) the acquisition, to provide their own housing brokerage services.

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