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every gaming fans sister have a gaming God, along with the League of heat rising year by year, good Yan high value players even more by many sisters enthusiasm, who is your idea of yen value play? TOP14 Snake ZZR is currently playing in division China: position: good at playing field Hero: Ray Kessel, spider, female leopard review: he has served the country first lake south of the title, used clothing and its high passers-by, handsome face, thin body, a delicate beauty attracts many young temperament. Sister and aunt powder powder. TOP 13 IG Jakceylove is currently playing in division China: Location: ADC at Delevan,

Hero: every gaming fans sister have a gaming God, along with the League of heat rising year by year, good Yan high value players even more by many sisters enthusiasm, who are you in the eyes of Yan value play?

TOP14 Snake ZZR

is currently playing in the Chinese: Division


is good at playing field Hero: Ray Kessel, spider, female leopard

review: he has served the country first lake south of the title, used for high passers-by, and its handsome face, thin body, a delicate beauty young temperament, attracted many sister and aunt powder powder.

TOP 13 IG Jakceylove

location: ADC

at Delevan, Hero: Lu Xian, Sivir

review: the domestic newcomer Wang Zui nearly just got the occupation career first championship, its stable play to question his fans began to look forward to him. He clean face is to make a public gaming fans sister began to pay attention to him, I believe the future he will get more fans.

TOP 12 OG Xpeke

is currently playing in the European division

: single, ADC

is good at: kassa, fox, hero rob

simply review: Xpeke is a veteran LOL players, who won the 2011 world champion league. His Casa Ding Toujia, rob kill Dade Tyrone other brilliant performance left a deep impression on the audience.

Xpeke has a deep and charming eyes, he is free of the old team and teammates never abandon, often open party, announced in 2015 after retiring, but once again to return to the AD team again, eventually helped the team to keep the number of LCS.

TOP 11 FW Karsa

is currently playing in the Taiwan division at

: Hero: blind monk, ray Kessel, spider

review: Karsa is a typical carnivorous jungler, sharp, pre GANK capabilities are extremely well being known as the "king of Taiwan wild". Its tall handsome appearance with chic operation, for his harvest a large number of fans obsessed pursuit.

TOP 10 KT Smeb

is currently playing in South Korea: Division

position: the single

is good at: Hero Rui Wen, Nobel

review: there is an obvious Lang Xiaorong Smeb was at the bottom of the LCK player, has been appraised as "the most Korean audience single dish". Join after tiger tooth, Smeb quickly grew up in 2016 he was named the world's first company fist single. Life Smeb is a approachable big boy, sunny cheerful he was a favorite of many fans.

TOP 9 SKT Peanut

" at Hero: blind monk, female leopard, 1000 Jue

comment: handsome lovely Peanut by sister pink love, with his innocent and lovely appearance opposite, he is the representative of South Korea's predatory play wild, CARRY is the words of his occupation career, when he got CARRY junglers, Welcome to Peanut s show! He is the world's top of the playing field, and like the lovely sunshine are more popular with the fans.

TOP 8 TSM Bjergsen

is currently playing in the North Division:

position: single

at Hero: robbery, Shindelar,

: enchantress in North America first Pilsner Dharma king, is absolutely CARRY team, once he suffered violence the infringement, once dropped out of school at home, but the game helped him, he with the excellent game talent on the road occupation, become a generation of france. When the people around with a hostile skinny teenager, has now become able to take charge as chief of the big boys.

TOP 7 SKT Bang

" at Hero: Obama, Izawa Riel, Sivir

review: two consecutive World Cup championship, the world's first fully deserve the ADC. Since Bang after successful weight loss, yen value soared, promoted to South Korea's most handsome ADC. Bang is perhaps the world's best players with Izawa Riel, God class countless. His technical skills, excellent understanding of group warfare, in Faker is always targeted at the time to stand out carry team, is a handsome and reliable ADC.

TOP 6 FNC Rekkles

" at hero EMBER: mouth, mouse, jinx

review: Rekkles is one of the representative figures known as western ADC, his line of solid strength, team play stability, can show stability, is an all-round type ADC. Rekkles from Sweden has a unique European profile, and its fashion wear more charm, his friendship with Deft also let fans relish.

TOP 5 EDG Koro1

" at Hero: when knife sister, Rambo

review: since ancient times on a single husband, the ancients did not cheat me. Korol has a handsome handsome appearance, upright posture in a suit is more heroic. Since the beginning of 2015, Korol by virtue of their own efforts, firmly occupy the position of the first China single, especially MSI on the one hand to control anger when reach the acme of perfection, perfect, perfect the ultimate release, was named "the world's first cyclone, but fans were known as the" child without the enemy". His handsome appearance, exquisite technology and gentle character for his harvest a large number of fans.

TOP 4 IMT Flame

" at Hero: dragon, knife sister, Kennan

Flame LOL review: South Korea is one of the three young men, because of its delicate face and elegant temperament and is known as the "Princess of the audience". Is incompatible with the beautiful face is that Flame is a CARRY type single, skilled, aggressive play, often can find the time to cut back the enemy, is one of the most outstanding Korean single.

TOP 3 WE Mystic

" at Hero: Izawa Riel, jinx

review: Mystic LPL occupation players recognized as handsome, don't need retouching men also recognized gaming journalists. White skin, long eyes, high nose, blurred temperament attracted numerous gaming fans. But in the LPL division of the top three ADC he's not what his vase players play sharp aggressive, can spell will never back, especially good at getting Izawa Riel, as with the alliance rich handsome hero skills together, convergence of freely flowing style of writing wins, always fully and delightfully.

TOP 2 ZTR Watch

" at Hero: blind monk, snowman, widow spider

review: South Korea was the representative of eSports flower, smile with cure, fans were known as the "little angel", because the color value is high. Who appeared on the famous Korean singer MV. Similar to its warm appearance, Watch is a typical herbivorous wild, good anti squatting vision, is a team playing wild.

TOP 1 ANX Likkrit

" in

position: Assistant Division: wild card,

is good at: fire, male hero bard

review: this year League World Series believed to see the audience will be impressed from the wild card division assisted players, no matter he is "male and female" appearance, or his unique and interesting style of play, let the audience around the world soon remember him. This year the world cup with his hand fire man amazing global, spiritual operation, bold choice, let him stand out in the game. He looks like a "black widow" Scarlett, known as the "gaming Scarlett", this year is recognized as the most beautiful LOL player.

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