Read the right to a child when the photo is just adorable!

Quan Zhilong when I was young photo history of evolution

juziyule· 2016-04-29 21:01:06

recently, the right to the right of the primary school students exposed a graduation photo on the graduation, the above GD is so cute ah!

look right at the time of the photos and then compared to now, is definitely the more handsome type. Come and look at the history of the evolution of his small and large orange with orange!

Yo Yo Yo, my mother, the little fat too lovely. The two hands are seeking hug, but this time is not able to see the look of G-Dragon & hellip;

finished, Meng no SEI ~ this time is have lost the right Zhilong Ganjiao the & hellip;

idol must be trained as a child, a little bit of time to grow up, you can put the hat back with the!

pouts. When the wanted to let people kiss! Class= img_box "

ha ha! Sure enough. You know there's a bunch of people trying to kiss him! Die you!

began to laugh when they want to give him a hug. After the

a little a little, can see with now is like the & hellip;

action expression, gestures are is the same temperament!

GD standard smile originally from small to mostly have not changed ah!

"! This is a face of orange king!

however does not know this process what happened & hellip; May is experiencing a bottleneck of the hair, suddenly want to laugh & hellip; adolescent boy's treason! Class= img_box "

later for a variety of hair try more and more, the head of the watermelon has been his favorite. Class= img_box "

"content_img_p" until this time, the GD value of the yen has been basically laid! Class= img_box "

from small to large, GD for the trend of hair and fashion with the persistent, but has not changed ah!

last sentence

orange Jun side to write one side are to be GD Meng turned. Class= img_box "

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