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shoujizhijia· 2016-12-18 16:27:29

vivo mobile phone has been hit one of the X series of high-end products, widely praised by users, thanks to the vivo team has been committed to the exquisite design and create the ultimate portrait, but some time ago in the vivo conference brought by vivo X9, achieved very good sales, at the same price is hard to find. Today vivo official micro-blog released vivo X9 sky gray new color warm-up poster, once again detonated consumer hot debate.

vivo the official poster content can be learned, the new color of the vivo will be launched X9, it also makes people can not help self generation flagship X7, is also in the open customer service soon launched a new color, bring the "sky gray" and "Obsidian" two colors, it is not difficult to see, the purpose is to enhance the heat to the new. Interestingly, perhaps this color has been hot in the X7, the X9 X7 continuation of the new color in color. Also brought the "star ash", then what kind of experience?

X9 "the new star gray color using micron zirconium sand blasting process, the appearance is more than before to see the delicate, and as we can see from the poster" sky is gray, Yao excellent "this word, believe that the new this color is more brilliant in color, full screen ink collocation X9 front design aesthetics, it is not difficult to see that the sky gray version of X9 will have more elegant fashion than the X7 appearance and temperament, mature and low-key.

and X9 sales so hot, and its dual photo self timer strong has a great relationship. It is understood that the front camera with 20 million pixels and 8 million pixels SONY custom sensor professional depth camera, professional camera depth of field vice bokeh, making photos of the main characters is more prominent, the picture is more stereo sense, and the second generation Moonlight lambency lamp design, can let you in the dark light, still beautiful nature. The self effect is very good. Not only that, it is also equipped with 2 functions of intellectual beauty, beauty of new algorithm so that the self imaging is more natural, more details, I believe the beauty of the absolute love girl.

" since X9 itself to double front soft photo self has brought good sales, and a new "star ash" this has expanded the size of the product line, believe to be able to X9 heat is pushed to the highest point, to meet the personalized needs more consumers. The sky gray version of the X9 sale time will be determined on December 24th, when the sales channels of vivo website, Jingdong and Tmall flagship store and the line full on sale.

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