Woman took the wrong courier opened a look scared jumped on the bed

Express open one woman police

AHTVjingshi1shijian· 2016-12-18 22:49:48

not long ago, a woman in a hurry to take the wrong express, because can't wait to get back the courier did not look, express home after opening the scene so unforgettable woman, scared woman woman saw what confound, exactly?

originally went home after the open express package which is actually a snake, scared woman to jump on the bed, and the hands of the courier lost directly on the bed, the courier bag snake also took the opportunity to slip into the bed, the woman was standing on the bed not down.

she went through the mobile phone alarm, police and firefighters arrived soon caught the snake, and the snake was found caught up to one meter, but also has the teeth of the snake, but the snake is not poisonous, unexpectedly unexpectedly also can be packaged and online transactions, surprising.

" which is the firefighter in search of a picture of a snake, it also reminds us that although the Internet to send pieces of goods can open the feeling that everyone can understand, but be sure to see the parcel on something, don't take wrong. Source:


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Woman took the wrong courier opened a look scared jumped on the bed

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