Find developers borrow house Hubei retired Hall official was strict

Retirement house north one developers

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" chutianjinbao news (reporter Zhao Bei) in December 18th, the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection notification discipline case, a retired officer of our province hall for developers to help a specific relationship between people "borrow" house, but also to accept the investigation and the serious cases were collusion yan.

Bulletin shows that the provincial people's Congress Standing Committee of the former party secretary, deputy director Liu Moumou, retired in November 2015. 2005, Liu Moumou introduced with the city, a real estate Co., Ltd., General Manager Ye Moumou understanding, since then, the two exchanges quite frequently. 2011, Liu Moumou proposed to the leaf, want to develop in each other for the specific relationship between his people Wan Moumou borrow a house.

Ye Moumou arrangement, Wan Moumou in the absence of any payment of the purchase of the case, and ye Moumou signed a company housing commercial housing sales contracts, contract price 234 thousand and 800 yuan. In the same year on October, by Ye Moumou arrangements, so Moumou successful handling of real estate license. Ye Moumou also in the subsequent aspects of enterprise management has been Liu Moumou care".

2015 the end of November, that the organization is to verify their alleged disciplinary problems clues, Liu Moumou and Moumou million unified caliber, declared that the house is normal to buy, and ordered to pay the XX million xiemoumou purchase.

in this case, Liu Moumou to "borrow" the name for its specific relationship to "borrow" a house, no investment, changed ownership of housing property, is obvious to "borrow" the name of the discipline, the essence is the use of his office, to extort bribes, a mistake. And after that to organize the investigation of the problem, Liu Moumou and others on the closure, interfere with the organization review, if the circumstances are serious, should be severely punished.

investigation, Liu Moumou and other serious disciplinary problems. The provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Standing Committee for consideration and report to the provincial approval, decided to give Liu Moumou expelled from the party, to cancel their retirement benefits; the proceeds confiscated their discipline; their alleged crimes and clues to judicial organs according to law.

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Find developers borrow house Hubei retired Hall official was strict