Fan Bingbing P again caught netizens: door P askew

Fan Bingbing capture friends self portrait retouching

guangmingwangzonghe· 2016-12-19 08:55:35

" in Fan Bingbing micro-blog sun from the camera, for her skin is also very good friends envy, she also had to admit, each self will retouching, Fan Bingbing has been the team figure forgot P mirror was hot friends. In December 17th, Fan Bingbing through micro-blog self drying, but was friends found traces of P serious, leading to the door, the tiles are crooked.


December 17th, Fan Bingbing through the micro-blog sun from the camera, and said: "call it a day early, before the makeup air is too smug about, and praise!" In the photo, Fan Bingbing wearing a Home Furnishing suit, with exquisite makeup, big eyes Hyun overbearing purple eye shadow, skin smooth and delicate, pointed chin, very beautiful, even wearing fashionable shower cap is not reduced. But sharp eyed Netizens found traces of P, Fan Bingbing behind the door frame and the tile lines appear curved lines.

范冰冰P图再被抓包 网友:门都P歪了

this, users have message that has been so beautiful, where you need P map ah!" There are friends, said: so good photos, why grab P like Holmes figure."

范冰冰P图再被抓包 网友:门都P歪了

"center" in micro-blog Fan Bingbing drying out of a group of customers according to the United States, and with the text said: "before the makeup air is too smug about, and praise". Photo, Fan Bingbing painted purple eye shadow, very charming moving.

范冰冰P图再被抓包 网友:门都P歪了

Fan Bingbing the eye makeup is very special.

even if only half a face, also charming.

范冰冰P图再被抓包 网友:门都P歪了

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