Hearthstone ancient god week 56% big data winning shaman strong rise

Big data hearthstone God.

tuwanwang· 2016-04-29 22:37:45

< p > the ancient God whispers "on-line has been nearly three days, the ladder is in full bloom, all kinds of routines emerge in endlessly. The box came the king announced the ladder of environmental conditions, you can adjust the data for a large group of cards. < the ancient God whispers "on-line has been nearly three days, the ladder is in full bloom, all kinds of routines emerge in endlessly. Jun box below to release about the current state of the environment of the ladder, you can for big data card adjustment group and VG clan of the great God who will made daily card group recommended to help you PA system for the new version!

ladder standard mode:

as wild model, the occupation of each heat and winning percentage changes little, in addition to the Druids were cut Yijuebuzhen outside, the ladder still is warlocks and paladins in the world. Even if the new card to join still shake no Buddha riding position, which also from a side illustrates the blizzard dad back the vision of environmental initiatives (if not to reclaim the environment may now the ladder will still be full of make people tired of the Buddha ride).

VG small daily card group comment:

set a very good C'Thun ring and animal husbandry, C'Thun deck in the popular standard models, C'Thun priest to the excellent solution strange ability and super in got a place for, the Kursaal ring and animal husbandry on the basis of C'Thun distribution to the Auchenai ring a AOE make up deficiencies, and C'Thun related mostly brand blood. Circle of healing can make them in to eat small, maintain good state, also can be in some time and North County pastor forced a card. Two pieces of a burial, a bad luck summon, more perfect guarantee the ability of the late. Just the most recent version of the war roar, copper is required this card if the battlefield is no doubt an explosion of the battlefield, so the pain in the status of the priest card group rose, in order to take two kinds of copper is really not too much pain.

VG small recommended card group: a replica of the

old version of the miracle of thieves, without control field beheaded, rely on all kinds of pre combo spell solution yard, medium-term rely on Gadgetzan cards, later a silly long strokes, in general, or by 30 cards opponent 15 hand cards to play, the ultimate is copper to be a silly dragon. Class= img_box "

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