SONY: PS4 sales exceeded 40 million NEO upgrade ready?

SONY PS4 sales chip

weifengwang· 2016-04-29 22:37:58

SONY also said that in the last fiscal year and the total revenue of Network PlayStation has reached 4 billion 900 million U.S. dollars, compared to the previous fiscal year of $3 billion 200 million in terms of a larger margin of growth.

in addition, SONY confirmed sales of PlayStation 3 game machine is rapidly declining, but also Frank the performance of the game console has not caused significant impact on the company.

more regret is that SONY does not want to talk about fiscal year 2016 is expected to guide the figure, perhaps because the Xiongben earthquake caused a certain impact on its industry.

PlayStation 4 before the end of the year or provide Sony Neo version

said new home game home exceeded the original expectations, and may soon provide a new version, provide more perfect hardware, the specific time before the end of the year. < reportedly NEC will be a enhanced version of the Playstation 4 host, continue to introduce the latest improvements in hardware technology, still contracted by AMD, especially integrated GPU, RAM chips, and provides a series of new features to attract more players, include at least the support of 4K resolution. < p > some gossip sources believe that Sony will in the summer of this year released Neo version of the host, specifically may be held in June 2016 E3 game show, listing the actual in ahead of the holiday season. < obviously, game developers will likely get a little headache, because they not only have to develop a have to old Playstation 4 host running version of the game, but also in the latest version of adaptation more robust performance, in order to provide a better game effect, what is whether it will lead to a debate in the second half of the year is about to be revealed.

in short, the players are most likely to see the SONY VR product VR PlayStation, but may have to wait until October before shipment, as to whether the NEO perfect match is still unable to draw a conclusion.

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