The women's dressing room dressing see after all been photographed camera

Camera fitting room woman Huizhou

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in the warehouse, whether equipped with cameras and are facing the dressing room but also can make nothing of it, from the lee of the picture, through the door of the warehouse wall is indeed equipped with a camera (provided by Lee)

try on clothes in the dressing room actually, that is connected with the fitting room warehouse is a camera? 18, Mr Li to "reflect" Dongjiang times, December 17th around 5:20 in the afternoon, his sister Lee in the City Jiangbei Huizhou Huamao Shopping Center (hereinafter referred to as the "China Trade Center") process on the third floor of a clothing store trying on clothes in the dressing room, that is connected with the fitting room in the warehouse with a camera the shooting, she tried to change the picture.

afterwards, Ms. Lee reported the police.


Lee told reporters at the East, December 17th at 5 pm, Lee and his family went to Huizhou Huamao shopping center on the third floor of a clothing store to buy clothes, in the afternoon at 5:20 to 30, Ms. Lee in the shop a dressing room has tried two tops, two skirt.

at the beginning, she was trying to change the body sideways, then turned to found the fitting room is connected with the warehouse wall, even installed a camera in front of the fitting room, when the warehouse door is not good, she tried to change the process is shot down.

afterwards, Ms. Lee reported the police. After the alarm, Huicheng Jiangbei District Public Security Bureau police investigators arrived at the scene, a copy of the video and the organization of the parties to negotiate a settlement, lasted until 10 pm that night, there is no consensus.

"I do see the instant playback video and HD, this can't be the store mistake. "Mr. Li, in the negotiation process, the store would compensate Lee a price of 320 yuan clothes up, but she refused on the spot. She believes that their privacy has been violated, but this attitude in the store she is to solve the problem.

Ms. Lee said he frequented the shop, although this is the first time to meet, but the store has this kind of vulnerability should not be a day or two, winter wear thick clothes is better, if the summer was photographed, really can not imagine. "Change my clothes in the dressing room, and a clerk in direct goods to take the clothes, this shows that the store is there are loopholes in the management of, if the video was deliberately go onto the Internet, I lost the who is in charge.

engaged in the hair to now whether this store, or China trade management to a phone is not. "Today at 3 pm, Ms. Lee came to the store to discuss the statement again.

"we do have management problems, I apologize to you. "A claim to the store manager, Ms. Luo introduced, she came to the end of last month the goods in the store to work, the camera had, she has no right to move. Usually, the connection between the goods shop fitting room doors are closed, the camera is mainly to prevent people to enter the warehouse, resulting in the loss of the goods.

after the negotiation process, she reflects the situation to their superiors, the store would like to compensate Ms. Lee a coat and a skirt, but Lee did not agree, if not talk down will take legal action.

reporter visited the store manager Luo and later rushed to the scene of the China trade center two investment operations department Li Wei said, the fitting room is used for clothes and warehouse for female customers, is not too easy to enter, if reporters really want to understand, and also need to contact the planning department for China trade center.

site, the store manager, Huamao Center Manager, Ms. Lee again to settle the matter. In this regard, Ms. Lee claims 5000 yuan in cash, and the video delete and guarantee can not spread freely. The store manager said the spot will not spread to the video, but through referrals to the regional brand manager, Ms. Lee can not meet the requirement of 5000 yuan compensation. Subsequently, Ms. Lee expressed willingness to make concessions, just compensate for the value of 3000 yuan after the discount clothes can be, the store and the trade center manager once again said after consultation to reply Ms. Lee in 15 minutes. Later, they do not want to give any compensation, let us take the legal approach. Ms. Lee said the phone, they finally did not talk about.


will copy the screen organization parties negotiated settlement

we really received such an alarm. Today, Huicheng District Public Security Bureau official, after receiving the alarm, Huicheng District Public Security Bureau Jiangbei police station rushed to the scene, immediately copy the screen and organize the parties to resolve the matter consultations.

the police found at the scene of the store room and a warehouse in the warehouse is connected with a camera, the warehouse door is opened just in front of the fitting room. Later, they found through the investigation video, when the warehouse door is not closed, leaving a seam, did not completely take Ms. Lee try clothes, video also let Ms. Lee read.

later, the police organized the parties to negotiate, but ultimately did not reach agreement. Police had to advise the parties to the court, through legal channels to resolve the matter. "

" Dongjiang Times reporter Liu Hao

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The women's dressing room dressing see after all been photographed camera

The women's dressing room dressing see after all been photographed camera


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