If the United States really with China decorum what would be the consequences

America China consequence aircraft carrier

micaihujunshi· 2016-12-19 22:48:46

China decorum skin, I think the two sides will not use nuclear weapons. It seems that China is now only a few hundred nuclear weapons, but China lacks technology, lack of funds, lack of resources, what is lacking, based on China's current industrial base, manufacturing capacity, short time made thousands of nuclear bombs easily. So the United States not to use nuclear weapons, and Japan than Chinese more worried about both use nuclear weapons, if not the first is the Japanese nation. Most important is that as long as China to destroy the United States early warning satellites, then its missile defense system will be greatly reduced, as long as there are hundreds of nuclear bombs landed on the United States, the United States is finished. So the two sides will not be nuclear war.

USA will not launch medium intensity war, send aircraft carrier battle group war. Aircraft carrier can only be used to shock small countries, big powers combat aircraft carrier is only mobile coffin. When the United States aircraft carrier into the 1500 km radius Chinese combat Dongfeng 21D is not a vegetarian, America can't afford to lose the face.

I think the United States is most likely to do in the event of a small bear losses after the battle, harassing China sent a submarine to the coastal economic zone, maritime blockade, destruction of Chinese economic development, to become the world leader Chinese delay time. At the same time in the world demonize China, isolated china. I think Chinese along the way to get through a pressing matter of the moment, especially to the west of the high-speed rail or highway to try to repair, not overly dependent on maritime transport. At the same time in advance to make friends, selling U.S. debt to increase investment in the world, increasing dependence on each other. The final result of Sino US

decorum skin, because the world has the courage to confront the United States early and take the lead in big brother. The United States have been suppressed by the countries have to rise up and take us through the Gulf War, Afghanistan will set up the power loss. The China will liberate Taiwan, economic development will be temporarily affected after China will win this fight, the normalization of Sino US relations, the development of the China from clearing all obstacles around the world, including the United States, with normal heart to treat China rise, the world will usher in another superpower born.

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