99A2 change so much or will install electromagnetic guns

Electromagnetic gun China capability missile

micaihujunshi· 2016-12-19 22:49:31

99A king of the Marines, with significant power breakthrough. The upgrade and clever modification, only to the camp to triumph.

said a few words of today's interest began to read when making one's first appearance, it shows you a small army rating. The people's Liberation Army "Marines" king of the most advanced when the number of 99A, represents the highest level of the development of armored equipment in our country, maneuver, firepower and protection of the three technical indicators and the international level, has begun to gradually change the army troops. If you think of Chinese armored vehicles to stop on the end, so please look at this a battle tank, 99A2.

99" on behalf of the army's tank Chinese mechanization development in 99A

A2, on the basis of the tank body structure in firepower, navigation, night view and aim, power transmission system and enhance the use of new energy and new material technology. To further enhance the comprehensive combat effectiveness of the chariot, which laid the foundation for the future Chinese people's Liberation Army tanks "level of collocation" pattern, 96 main battle tanks and 99A2 jointly responsible for marine task.

99A tank after a large-scale modification and re design of the 99A main battle tanks, reflects the new development of the main battle tank armor ambition, development and improvement of time to progress China North Vehicle factory gradually shortened military equipment, the improvement of a battle the tank time is shortened to 5 years, when the need for timely production, upgrading. However, because 99A relates to the PLA Armored Core Technology, domestic from all walks of life that the tank will not allow this Chinese why the export of weapons and technology, the tide of inspiring, especially their northern vehicle technology elite.

" armored vehicle railway transport

99A2 may upgrade is very avant-garde, with a new exposure picture shows an armored car at the back of a device, seems to be the electromagnetic gun. If the technology is mature, the future can also install the Chinese MBT, where the king of the Marines, it should be the fourth generation of the king of the marines. In addition, 99A2 can also install the active denial system, using microwave to resist the enemy is not cause destruction, but caused by other battle casualties, increase other medical evacuation difficulty, and then the air defense missile, military transport aircraft can guarantee the United against them.

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