"This application contains ads"! Play Google now to tell you what applications are advertised

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「此应用包含广告」!Google Play 现在要告诉你哪些应用有广告

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for many users, the mobile app in the presence of advertising is not a pleasant thing, especially when we download those don't know the name of the app, we have no way of judging the app actually has no advertising. So, Play Google made a new change in today, they started in each App details page for the user to start to show whether the App contains ads.

now, if you only want a pure world of cell phones, you can through this new function to avoid those boring mobile advertising the.

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in the new version of Google Play, you will be in the original " open "button (Open) see the new label (ads Contains) , on the style= box-sizing:" border-box tag. Such as below:

and, this policy basic covers the app in all forms of advertising, including: local advertising, jump out of the different kinds of broadcast advertising, banner.

in fact, although for users, advertising is an unpleasant thing, but it is many app developers an important source of income, so the news certainly will have certain influence on the Android platform application development. However, in fact, from the beginning of last year, Google has begun a series of changes to Play Google, trying to make Play Google function more humane. Last year April, Google play announced plans for a , application developers can choose to join the additional review, if passed, their app will get

and the advertising signs from the "designed for families" plan. In November last year, Google asked all application developers to submit their applications in the ad, refused or conceal the real situation will be the application of the next frame processing.

to see old rival Apple, they in 2014 in the app store added "in the application of the purchase" label, but they are not the advertising of the application of the label special.


although this feature in the practical application we see whether reduced advertising remains to be seen, after all, even if there are many applications of advertising we still need to use it; but this is undoubtedly one of the users is a good news, after all, the user can be given more More choice of power, but also to promote the application developers to develop some of the better application of the advertising program.

according to Google's own statement, they will in the next few days launched this new feature, and within the next two weeks will be extended to all over the world. Although for some reason, we can not be very smooth in the domestic use of Play Google, but this new feature is worth the domestic use of these stores for reference.

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