After the cancellation of non real name system mobile phone card who should belong to the balance?

Mobile phone card real name system balance

beijingshijian· 2016-12-20 04:54:35

the current mobile phone card name system is to speed up the implementation, from the beginning of October, only Beijing has more than 1 million numbers by China Mobile, China Unicom, Chinese China Telecom have shut down, as of December 19th, has been part of the mobile phone number destroyed. Some consumers think, according to the provisions of the operators, sales after their balance is put out, if the balance of the national so many cards all operators, obviously unreasonable.

in May this year, industry and Information Technology Ministry issued the "Circular on further improving the true identity of the phone user information registration work" (hereinafter referred to as the "notice"), to ensure that all requirements of telecom business phone users real name rate reached more than 95% in December 31, 2016, before the June 30, 2017 national telephone users to implement real name registration. As of last year, the number of mobile phone users has more than 1 billion 300 million households, non real name phone users billions of dollars of operators to promote this work is really tight, heavy task.

reporter learned in the visit, starting in mid October, more than 1 million Beijing real name system phone number began to be batch shutdown. According to China Mobile, China Telecom regulations, within 60 days from the date of downtime, consumers carry mobile cards and identity cards and other documents can be filled formalities. If not for the board, 60 days after the mobile phone number will be canceled.

if the consumer fails to apply for compensation registration procedures, after the balance card can pin out? China Mobile, the China Telecom's customer service said that after the pin number will be recovered, and the inside of the balance will also be frozen, consumers are unable to balance the extracted.

China Unicom rules is different, 10010 customer service said that since the shutdown date, the card balance will continue in accordance with the contract month deduction bill, Bill buckles 90 days after the mobile phone number will be canceled.

China Mobile, the China Telecom "provisions apply only for 60 days, consumers must have for various reasons to miss this point in time, if the last national telephone card balances are how to operators, together is a huge amount of money, which is obviously not very reasonable. "There is a consumer said.

China Unicom in the implementation of the number of downtime, and did not provide services under the contract, but still deduct calls, apparently unreasonable. Beijing Yuecheng Law Firm lawyer Sun Rongda said.

addition, because the phone card is non real name system, the number of consumers after the cancellation of how to prove that they are card users, but also a difficulty. Sun Rongda believes that operators should provide a convenient channel for the user, such as a certain number of telephone, SMS records show, can prove that card users, operators shall refund the balance of the card. If there is no user request to return the balance, this part of the funds is also reasonable operators. The

reporter then call the Ministry of industry and information technology, Network Security Management Bureau, a responsible for promoting the phone real name system staff told reporters that in May this year issued the "notice" mentioned in the end, to provide communication services, operators shall refund the remaining cost convenient user stored, the operators have developed the refund policy. As for the problem of the balance after sales, is now being studied.

as of press time reporter, several operators on the cancellation of the non real name system phone card balance how to deal with the introduction of uniform rules yet. China Mobile customer service told reporters, recently, the company has issued the card balance processing. The specific method is that consumers can hold my ID and password for the initial registration of the mobile phone number to refund the balance after the cancellation, specifically for the 30 yuan cash refund in the operating room, the return of 30 yuan of above principle to prepaid card form. Two other operators how to deal with the matter, the reporter will continue to focus on.

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