Pass Samsung S8 price increase of 20% next April

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tengxunkeji· 2016-12-20 06:03:26

Tencent Francisco, according to foreign media reports, today, Samsung's new flagship mobile phone Galaxy S8 came two rumors, the first ship said its not the high hopes in the February issue of MWC, its release date will drag in April next year. Second people more worried, because the news shows S8 price will be higher than the S7 20%.

investment bank is expected, compared with the Galaxy S7 series, want to buy S8 15%-20% consumers need to spend money, the price rise is the main cause for the first time into AI digital assistant Samsung models, while adding the function of the plateau will push the cost of materials, and this part of the cost of nature to be passed on to consumers.

from the existing rumors we can see that the Samsung Galaxy S8 will become the master of intelligent machine market, in some functions can even lead iPhone 8 in the first half. In addition, taking into account the Samsung Note 7 event on the loss of a lot of money, S8 will become Samsung compensate for the loss of shake Qian Shu, so the machine is bound to be listed on the market's most expensive one of the smart machines.

in view of this year's Galaxy S7 Edge listed at $799 (about 5560 yuan), so the price of Galaxy S8 may rush to $950 (about $6600) level. (compiler / Reiz)

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