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yangshixinwen· 2016-12-20 06:10:41

night, the quiet, if there is a sound ear, when is the wind rain, cicadas sing. In the modern city, already covered the night noise sounds. Ministry of environmental protection recently issued China Environmental Noise Pollution Prevention report (2016), showing the national 1/4 City sleeping in the noise. Noise pollution over a broad area, everywhere, the health of residents has become the "invisible killer".

noise pollution everywhere

live in Hainan city of Haikou Province dragon Kunlun road public Ms. Yu is often noise harassment. She said: "this barbecue garden noise just over the construction site to stop, peal after peal machines roar again. Repeatedly call the relevant departments hotline, the situation has not improved significantly. Today is stopped, tomorrow is still.

in recent years, with the rapid development of city, city life more and more "jubilation": business loudspeakers are roaring, delicacy Street subwoofer mixer does not stop construction at night can be heard without end; roar, morning muck car jarred by the … …

"is too noisy, don't sleep well every day. "Ms. Guo lived in Fujian city of Fuzhou province Jinshan New District a house, downstairs is half the street food stalls, every night will be heard bursts of sound and dice playing sound, make several buildings nearby residents by the harm of noise. From seven or eight in the evening until 2:00 in the morning, the clamor continued, noisy people confused. "Ms. Guo said.

environmental protection department report revealed that last year the country received 354 thousand environmental noise complaints, accounting for about 35.3% of total environmental complaints, second only to air pollution. Among them, the construction noise category accounted for 50.1%, social life noise class accounted for 21%, industrial enterprises accounted for noise class accounted for 16.9%, traffic noise accounted for class of 12%.

it is understood that noise pollution not only annoying people, poor sleep, but also may lead to heart disease and learning disabilities, tinnitus and other issues. Shandong Environmental Science Research Institute experts said, noise hazards reflected in many aspects, such as damage to hearing, induce a variety of diseases, interfere with normal life, study and work. The noise of 50 dB even by ~ 40 people will be from a deep sleep state to semi sleep state. Long time in a larger decibel (60 dB or more) in the noise environment, will damage hearing, and even cause noise deafness.

pollution control difficult where

as a kind of environmental pollution, noise pollution in recent years, although some attention, but compared to water pollution, air pollution, attention is not high.

Fujian Normal University associate professor of environmental science and engineering Gan Hui said that compared to air pollution, noise pollution is often real-time, showing no obvious pollution form, so much overlooked. In addition, noise pollution is often distributed in a specific area, which makes it difficult to cause widespread attention of the whole society.

researcher at the Chinese Academy of acoustics researcher Cheng Mingkun seems, the biggest dilemma is the urban noise pollution management bull. Environmental noise pollution control law gives environmental, public security, transportation, culture, industry and commerce departments of environmental noise regulatory responsibilities, but because of unclear division of labor, often overlapping functions, resulting in regulatory blind.

Fuzhou Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau relevant responsible person said, industrial and construction noise by the environmental protection departments of supervision, transportation, living noise by the police department supervision, but in practice, often appear who can tube but who also manage the embarrassing situation".

some experts interviewed pointed out that noise pollution over a broad, immediate and strong, and treatment is often easy to rebound, law enforcement officers left foreleg, and received the same spot noise complaints. For this particular pollution, the establishment of appropriate enforcement response mechanism becomes the key.

fight good governance protracted war

face the city more and more serious noise pollution, we must establish a sound governance system.

Cheng Mingkun said, noise governance must bid farewell to bull management. On the one hand should improve laws and regulations, clear control method, noise pollution appraisal methods, punishment measures, so that the relevant departments strictly enforce the law; on the other hand, the relevant departments should establish a unified and coordinated management mechanism, strengthen joint law enforcement of environmental protection and public security departments.

Office of pollution prevention and control to protect the ecological environment of Hainan province researcher Wang Xianguo believes that attention should be paid to the prevention of noise pollution, reasonable layout of the city, for example, that there may be noise pollution places as much as possible away from the living area. At the same time, we should establish the governance information disclosure system. In the school, square, residential areas and other densely populated areas add noise automatic detection device, the relevant information upload network, effectively protect the interests of citizens.

Gan Hui suggested that anti noise into the city planning, construction noise reduction facilities necessary. At the same time, mobilize parties to jointly force, so that the community, neighborhood committees to participate in supervision.

some experts believe that governance noise pollution, should also increase the cost of illegal. In administrative penalties, may wish to raise the amount of fines. For the victims of noise pollution, the burden of proof shall be appropriately reduced and a fixed amount of compensation or compensation may be made. For example, residents living in noise pollution around a certain distance surrounding the site, it has been presumed to be violated, without proof of illness due to noise pollution, you can get a fixed amount of compensation.

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