Old man fell injured in a car accident, help not help? Huaibei six high school students with action gives answers!

Car accident Huaibei six Gao Yi

jinbaoshishangshenghuo· 2016-12-20 06:16:33

elderly injured in a car accident fell to the ground, in the end do not help? Huaibei seventh high school students with the action of the first six gives the answer.

because of their help, the injured seventy elderly avoid suffering two accidents may also be rushed to a hospital for treatment.

snow night to save the elderly, students back when the "chair"

first found is Wang Shuo, He Yuyang and Zhang Shihao of the three students, the scene is not far from the school.

was three students ride home together, found in the middle of the road lying on a man, is a wounded unconscious grandmother.

He Yuyang memories, when the elderly face down lying on the ground, people have no consciousness, he and two other students together counsel, the elderly first lift to the roadside safer.

in Mina O classmate will lift the old man to the side of the road, Zhou rain, Niu Yixiao, Zhang Qi three riding a passing female students also rushed over to help. The weather is cold, they decided to give the elderly warm, Wang Shuo took off his down jacket to cover the body of the elderly coma.

then Zhang Shihao cycling to school to find a teacher to help others worry that the old man had been lying on the ground will be cold, by Wang Shuo with his back "chair", the old man propped himself up. After the students call the police, Zhang Qi found a cell phone on the roadside, and ultimately we contact the elderly family through this phone.

met the old man fell to the ground, or to go to help

Wang Shuo said with his back "chair"

rushed to the scene of the teacher, I went to the scene, they were touched by the children, was on the road to a lot often the car, the old man in the street, several children standing on the roadside waving to remind the passing vehicles to avoid.

Huaibei seventh middle school six high school students was the elderly accident rescue enthusiastic users to the network, many users praise the harvest.

"6 high school students of the charity convey warmth and strength, it is worth learning, the school will be informed of this behavior in the school. Huaibei seventh middle school principals said. If you encounter the elderly fell to the ground, we will resolutely go to help, to do our best to rescue. He Yuyang said that the community needs positive energy, see the elderly fell to the ground to help, conscience will not pass.