Global: Norway 6 years follow "don't mess with China"


huanqiuwang· 2016-12-20 09:57:05

China and Norway 19 announced the normalization of diplomatic and political relations between the two countries of the. 2010 Norway Nobel Peace Prize Committee awarded the year's Nobel peace prize to the Chinese prison is serving a sentence of bad influence on the birth of the Secretary, the poor, the impact of the Chinese people's Republic of China, the Chinese people's Republic of China, the Chinese people's Republic of China, the Chinese people's Republic of China in prison, the. That incident led to the retrogression and coldness of relations between the two countries after 6 years.

Norway because of the China interior backseat driver paid the price, the political relations between the two countries almost stalled, trade relations and landslide. Norway salmon exports dropped by half, this time seeing the development of European countries relations with China, Norway has stood alone on the side, other European countries citizens get visa convenience of Norway also excluded.

China's anti strength probably Norway had not thought. Information released yesterday from the Chinese side, Norway has done a profound reflection, learned the lesson, it is very positive to restore relations with china.

awarded Liu Xiaobo peace prize is one of the most brutal acts of interference in China's internal affairs over the years western countries have done. Whether the different values of the people in the understanding of Liu Xiaobo's problems have much difference, but the man has been in the complex Chinese society demonstration against that rebellion, China court has determined the nature of his behavior, made a judgment. The Nobel Committee acts of defiance of China law, then Norway government condoned the Nobel committee do to care the possible consequences, then Norway's leaders do not fit very identity and position.

Chinese was wrong behavior of the government of Norway continued to struggle for 6 years, we will show strong opposition to outside from the political meddling in the internal affairs of Chinese to the world, respect China is a premise of all countries to develop relations with China should be like, we should respect the world as the same. Norway has a population of only about 5000000, in 2010 it was as keen as a lesson Chinese, will only go karting small game player to teach others how to open giant trucks. It is an absurd story to say.

2013 Norway new government came to power, began to pave the way for normalization of bilateral relations. We note that the Norwegian government in a joint statement, Norway emphasized adhere to a Chinese policy, does not support the harm China's core interests and major concerns, the Norway government's attitude today out of the extreme and naive happened 6 years ago when the Nobel Peace Prize event.

we understand that some societies in Norway and Europe value their values, and China has never been forced to think and live in our ways by bullying them. Some European activists argue that they are associated with China, who give awards, depending on what China looks like? That is to say the least to.

Liu Xiaobo and Darai are China damage to national security, who dare to say to Liu Xiaobo and Darai awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in political China stamp mean? The side with the China handshake, Chinese side to the next trip with their feet, this is a friend to open? The

Nobel Peace Prize event and its consequences provide a realistic case for many countries. How to live together among nations and how to coexist and communicate between civilizations and civilizations should not be self centred and capricious. Harmony is the most encouraging philosophy in the world.

strength difference between the great disparity, but China did not use their own initiative to offend Norway. The Norway committee gave Liu Xiaobo prizes like a big nail wedged on the board, pulled it out and left a hole. Chinese society is difficult to forget 6 years ago to Norway as the source of the gas. But the government has improved relations with Norway in the new situation and we are still willing to understand. For a while, we adhered to the principle, but after all, look forward.

we hope that the entire Chinese and Western do not fight, friction again and again eventually promote mutual understanding and integration of China and the west, rather than one party to the other party's cultural and political conquest. Between countries and civilizations respect more important than between the statue of more complex and tortuous, but let us toward a higher level, and not towards the lower slide. 3

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