The entertainment circle back, Fan Bingbing Zhang Ziyi Zhao Liying.

Fan Bingbing Zhang Ziyi in the circle by the way of the words of the circle of the world.

beiqingwangyule· 2016-12-20 11:00:19

actually, look in the entertainment circle for their natural beauty, photos of early immune, but Zhao Liying was the two stunning, heard on the back of a tattoo or when filming in order to cover up the scars, but it is also because of this, the bombing of the

" and the two year on the red carpet with big, but had lost, Fan Bingbing's back was too heavy, not suitable for exposed

and Zhang Ziyi is too thin too wood, had to sigh, the entertainment circle is always long Jiang wave after wave. , there will always be a more beautiful

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