Jingdong small target: next year handshake 50 stores

Jingdong Wanjia store target

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[Abstract] can be expected, in the new form of Pan retail, by Jingdong and WAL-MART, dada, Yonghui supermarket cooperation, the formation of B2B, B2C, O2O operating system, a new pathway in this process is full of imagination.


B2B for the overall development of a new round of business retail showdown small target soon

Jingdong: 50 small and medium-sized stores next year to shake hands

Zeit correspondent Lu Yifu

from Beijing, the 50 year old Li Guifei is the owner of a supermarket in Hebei. These years, he manages the area more than 200 square meters of Lili supermarket, this supermarket maximum of 400 planes, and later because the business has become more and more difficult, cut out half of the area in other business. Even so, the days of Uncle Lee is also very busy, light ordering this one, most of the time to butt more than and 100 suppliers. In addition to some willing to door-to-door, most need to wholesale market to pull goods.

in July this year, wearing a red jacket and the young man walked into the store, the shopkeeper recommended to him by the Jingdong of treasure, treasure you can order directly online dispensers, all goods are brand manufacturers direct supply, quality guaranteed, affordable, after second days to send orders, and support cash on delivery. Li Guifei think this is too easy, the Jingdong also assured the goods. Since the

access to the Jingdong treasurer treasure, Li Guifei only need to purchase through mobile phone can easily complete the supermarket. Also, give professional advice will be displayed in the shop by Jingdong ground operation and commodities, better help store sales promotion, can effectively improve the operational efficiency of the supermarket. For small stores such as Li Guifei boss, the new channel such B2B platform to solve the purchase channel and supply quality issues, but also better introduce new products, improve profit margins. One of the

Lili supermarket just a new channel coverage of the 5 Jingdong this year million small stores, and next year this figure will rise to 50. Although the establishment of only one year, but the rapid development of the new path, according to the data provided by the Jingdong said, there are more than and 500 well-known manufacturers in the new pathway, including Coca-Cola, million AIDS, Unilever, Liby, six walnut, Qiaqia and other well-known brands have a new pathway to establish a strategic cooperative relationship.

Jingdong mall new channel business strategy general manager Wu Shuangxi said that 50 of the target is actually some conservative, the ultimate goal of the new channel is 500 small and medium stores. Now Jingdong new channel model has matured, the next will enter the rapid expansion phase". It is understood that Jingdong new channel has been in Hebei, Jiangsu, Sichuan, Shandong and other places to promote next year will march to the country.

from B2C to B2B, the Internet began to penetrate the direction of the retail supply chain, whether it is Jingdong or Ali, electronic business platform are hoping to initiate a revolution to retail agents, to achieve the real disintermediation. Kay retail consulting data show that nearly 55% of the brands use at least 200 dealers operating traditional channels.

force Jingdong B2B business

12 16, the 1 anniversary of the establishment of the division, with the new pathway signed a cooperation plan comes with Coca-Cola, Unilever, Qiaqia, modern animal husbandry, six walnut, Beiersdorf, Oriental charm of the kitchen, Tianyuan grain, plant park, Shandong Jingzhi mills and other well-known brands this year, the inventory of the performance to the outside world, and held a new signing ceremony at the scene. The general assembly and the biggest bright spot is the Jingdong launched new pathway of eye system. The new

pathway can be regarded as a Jingdong scored a sword in the field of B2B. Now in the reconstruction of the retail system link, B2B has become a key link. In the field of traditional B2B, connecting brands and terminal retailers often use hierarchical proxy mode, namely the brand business through agents at all levels of stratification distribution, finally arrived at the retail end. But because the agent level too much, and for third party business, the brand is almost impossible to get the core sales data and market feedback from the sales terminal quickly. More and more brands aware of the traditional channels opaque, not flat, can not monitor and can not interact with the B2B has restricted the forward.

as its name implies, the significance of the new channel is to create a new channel different from the traditional B2B, the Internet approach to a revolution at all levels of agents. The biggest feature of the new channel is to take self mode, Jingdong has become the only agent in the channel, the 3-5 channel will be shortened to 1-2 level, thereby helping brand manufacturers to save costs and improve efficiency.

is worth mentioning is that the new pathway in the eye of Jingdong system 16 released the same day, the service covers Invoicing management, terminal stores insight, resources evaluation, market monitoring category four aspects. Based on the eye of the whole value chain of Jingdong new pathway for multivariate data, discuss the brand tailored one-stop data platform business investment optimization, it will completely solve the B2B fragmentation pathways of information flow status.

weekly Times reporter learned that, at present the new pathway mainly concentrated in FMCG, launched in the shopkeeper treasure on the goods into food, beverage, wine, a nurse, mother, office supplies, home decoration Home Furnishing category, which focuses on food, accounting for up to 43%.

revolution traditional retail industry

new path shouldering the hope of Liu Qiangdong remodeling line retail stores. In January this year, Liu Qiangdong in the Jingdong of the group's annual meeting on proposed new pathways for the Jingdong Jingdong annual large-scale innovation projects, targeting the domestic couples wife shops - these small stores rely on acquaintances operating in a small range, at the very end of the link in the traditional wholesale pipeline, it is difficult to get the high quality, high profit goods.

new pathway is to create these stores sales terminal standardization, and become their suppliers and partners, the logistics, information flow and financial ability is delegated to the retail part of the bottom of the China. Compared with Carrefour, WAL-MART and other large supermarket chains, these widely distributed in small cities in small and medium stores need a mature supply chain solutions, which is the focus of the eyes of the new channel.

" due to the strong self logistics system, control the Jingdong new pathway on the three or four line of the city has a quality assurance. The 7 logistics center and 254 large warehouse based Jingdong currently has covered 2646 districts, a total area of 5 million 500 thousand square meters, set up 6780 distribution stations and from mentioning, this ensures that the small and medium-sized stores to complete the procurement of goods in a short time. In addition to Jingdong

logistics, the new path is also provided with a ground team, hands-on guidance and learning to use the shopkeeper treasure store owner. According to the weekly Times reporter, at present a new pathway of ground members need to cover 300 to 400 small stores, plus Jingdong with tens of thousands of courier, the new business will rapidly spread to access every capillary terminal business.

Jingdong relevant person in charge told die Zeit reporter, the first anniversary of the establishment of a new channel, currently covering 5 small and medium stores, but this figure next year to reach 50. In the past year, the new channel without large-scale coverage, the main reason is that in practicing internal strength and explore the commercial mode, "we hope to achieve profitability in 50 thousand stores, rather than the loss cost of expansion. The relevant person in charge said.

in fact, the new channel is a subversion and revolution to the traditional channel system. The participation of the new channel project brands said, B2B Internet is already the trend. A new round of

retail showdown

and B2C B2B as everyone knows, the gameplay is completely different, the subsidy or burn for market share is not set up in the B2B business. B end platform burn burned not sticky, has become the consensus of the industry.

however, if you look to the entire B2B field, it will be a huge potential market. It is understood that at present there are 680 10000 like this small Lili supermarket stores. Kai Retail Consulting Director Zhang Chi said the weekly Times reporter, although the FMCG business is online B2B in the initial stage of development, but the amazing growth, this year 16% shops have used B2B online ordering, it is expected that in 2018 there will be 44% shop online ordering B2B. Kay retail consulting forecast, ordering frequency will also increase from an average 4-7 days to two times a week, single orders increased from $1500 to $950.

consultant Nelson also said in a research report, FMCG, according to the city administration level market penetration strategy is no longer effective, the future, according to the economic and consumption index classification of city more reference significance. Nelson believes that in recent years the rapid growth of FMCG online channel, but the line is still the main channel, the following three lines and the city still maintain positive growth, but in the trend of consumption upgrade, the success of new products to present high-end trend. According to

, the Internet +B2B is represent the general trend of the retail sector, the future battlefield is not limited in a second tier city, the Internet will have genes that battle extended to every corners of the shop. Jingdong, Ali admission, giants have seen this huge market, and brand manufacturers in the fierce competition, but also actively trying to the Internet, in order to reduce costs and improve efficiency.

for Jingdong, both B2C proprietary platform - Jingdong mall, shop No. 1, and strategic alliance between WAL-MART and Yonghui supermarket, plus the entrance flow of Tencent and today's headlines, this territory has added a new pathway for millions of small businesses "B". These plates together constitute the pan Jingdong business is retail system, a new vehicle has been fully equipped for. A new round of retail showdown is coming to us.

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Jingdong small target: next year handshake 50 stores

Jingdong small target: next year handshake 50 stores

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