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hero league players in the field to do their best, usually life is hard training. If they did not choose the road occupation player, so now it will be in what kind of work? The following with a small series of articles, together to open a hole in the brain to imagine

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professional players do their best in the game, usually life is hard training. If they had not chosen the professional player's road, then now will be engaged in what kind of work?

following along with Xiaobian together to read!

Xiye a snack shop non-staple food wholesalers

", the night routine routine of small mammals and inexhaustible, is a handy thing condi. But outside the routines Xi night is a like to eat snacks, grow cute, like no big boy grow up. If

Come night to open a snack shop, with his ability and cleverness and lovely personality, will attract a large customer! At that time can really call him a su boss!


incense pot love to eat crayfish, crawfish is love reached a realm. Usually in micro-blog often send some food pictures, even he himself can not help but ridicule their transformation for food bloggers. Incense pot

so love to become a gourmet delicacy, is also a happy thing! But again, incense pot you eat really good, not afraid of fat? (hey, incense pot thin, people eat what are all right) as a model or

Koro1 Racer

" now the occupation player already not had weak youth addiction! But the figure Yan value, Koro1 can be considered in gaming circles male models.

Koro1 has handsome handsome appearance, tall and straight slender figure, do not know how many photos captured a side fan sister heart. Wear a suit of Koro1's handsome want a small bud / let the picture stay in that moment! If

Koro1 became a model, presumably also has a sister many succumb to his "skirt suit"!

Clearlove was promoted to the hand piece "img_box"

usually do not know if you don't love to watch some funny jokes? In the player is a unique, Meikong, Wei God and himself have admitted that the obscenities take Clearlove.

in our "God" how to say in an interview on who asked obscenities at the time, this expression: "I think I have in addition to somebody else". It seems that the director for Sao speech or very confident.

did not expect the sharp eyes in the game of the director of the factory, actually said it would be a speech to play in, "" content_img_p ". If the director when the hand piece, can certainly bring fresh ideas and interesting things. When the singer

Rookie class= "img_box" id= "id_imagebox_6" =''>

" to have such a strong Chinese out of operation to sing nice players in Korea aid, he is IG in a single Rookie.

had small to hear him sing a song "advertisement balloon", but the single cycle for several days, the entire song is full of pink breath! "

" usually in the broadcast time, humming songs have Chinese are commonplace. Now, he also occasionally play the guitar, which is really let small a talent out! Rookie must become a singer, guitar singing songs like, there must be a large wave of fans screaming for

did not think the players have engaged in these occupation potential! But back to reality, they are fighting for the dream in the game player, has chosen a difficult path of coexistence and glory.

hope that the players in the future game will be able to achieve satisfactory results, to become better themselves.

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