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network broadcast this year can be described as "hot Deep-Fried Chicken with Chili Pepper, taylor. According to incomplete statistics, live in the battlefield, there have been thousands of game player in the fighting. There is

, such as YY and 9158 from PC to end to show also like game player, Tencent, micro-blog and unfamiliar street with a flow into war as well as the guest, giant, Ying pepper such a large number of entrepreneurial companies.

time, net red, star, technology heavyweights, entrepreneurs are all broadcast live poison =''>

this year, capital from hot to calm, attention continues to improve, while the dark side of the broadcast industry has repeatedly been mentioned, platforms, anchors may be different, but the routines are the same deep.

erotic edge frequent

as rely on the "ambiguous" factor grows stranger social, live the popularity of the original accumulation of most rely on pornography edge ball.

from the 17 live jurisprudence was off the shelf, made live Betta TV dolls, pepper "flash point" anchor Liu Kerr, tiger anchor princess princess dress &hellip out; … in his teasing people, only you can not think, do not anchor, some anchors play big even their prison.

in November this year, the name "Sydney gun" network anchorwoman Lin with others recorded pornographic video, to attract popularity in the broadcast, and to profit report users. 31 large scale pornographic video so that the 95 after anchor jailed for 4 years and fined 100 thousand yuan.

12 month 17 days, Zhongshan police investigation of the use of Internet dissemination of pornographic information broadcast software case. The software "LOLO live webcast through pornographic performances, the audience for a reward, on-line 10 days to complete transactions in 50 thousand, profit of 1 million 300 thousand yuan.

search found, still can search the "LOLO live" in APP Store, but after the download is complete, open the other is broadcast platform. Search keywords "live", first out is not reflected off, pepper such well-known platform, but some called "uniform broadcast" and "Night Live" and "long live", "shame broadcast" and "customers live", "black silk live" platform. These

App, not only the name has subtle hints, in the apple of their ratings, but also for 17+, most of them with "pornography or nudity, profanity or vulgar humor", "adult / sexual theme" etc..

pornography Ca Bianqiu although "powder" quick, but it is not a permanent solution. In November 4th, the national network information office issued the "Internet broadcast service management regulations", the network broadcast platform, anchor and visitors have done, among them, the implementation of real network anchor + blacklist "system on the blacklist of the anchor prohibited re registered account.

days ago, the national pornography Office informed in the official website of the "net net 2016 special action results show that since April, the Ministry of culture and the" fire cat TV "26 network performance platform, close the show room 4313 serious violations, serious violations of network termination 1502 performers. "Fish" and "Ying Ke", "Hey show" 10 live pornographic information platform is the administrative punishment.

live in the show, Xing Yu Sheng in the red net, star, decline in advertising, in online pornography "is widely circulated piece, with tighter regulation, continue to show lower anchors should be convergence.

anchor infighting revealing pseudo charity

11 at the beginning of the month a video circulated on the Internet, the video of two men in the fast broadcast platform broadcast live on charity, arrange a Liangshan village stood in two rows, then send money to the villagers live, and live after, these people took the money from the villagers back. After the event, the money man admitted that the first money shoot the video, then take back after filming, is indeed their own, the purpose is to increase the number of fans and watch the amount, so that fans brush gifts".

after verification, the video is a money man - "live in the anchor quickly exposed his brother Jie", "pretend money", "fast Jie brother" has been exposed not resigned to playing second fiddle, "fast black uncle" and "Shandong Mui" a lot of "pseudo charity" in the scene. "Fast Jie brother" also revealed that in the face of donated by the object, "charity" and "volunteers" are how to how to get. He broke the news in the video that these caring people to the child's face smeared mud, highlighting their tragic.

pseudo charity after the outbreak of the incident, the police involved in the investigation, the relevant personnel were driven out of Liangshan, someone's account is a permanent title, broadcast platform, network information office interview.

" in addition to pseudo charity events, quick broadcast platform produced many "demon" live, live insects, loach, eat his bread in the light bulb "chowhound Feng Jie", fried ice or jump from the crotch of Hebei Luanxian farmers "elder brother" imitation, social drinking and smoking, women eight or nine years old obese children, and even play dead, snake, eaten raw eat maggots, raw shit teenage children "victory". Some of these from the video also alerted the police, but in the end that is man-made planning, only to attract attention.

quickly called a "encircling the city" broadcast software, active with a large number of farmers. Said "urban routines deep, I want to go back to the countryside," I do not know the rural pits, but also quite deep.

brush single brush list into an open secret

at the beginning of the development of the platform, brush, brush list are very common problems. TechWeb had in the secret live single brush business: 1 dollars to buy the initiative to participate in the 20 thousand fans platform, a text in a detailed interpretation of the single live platform brush problem. Insiders pointed out that the live platform is matched by the algorithm for live match zombie powder, a live, 96% of users may be used to enhance the popularity of dead powder.

in the brush brush list, water problems, red net brokerage company plays an important role, these companies usually have cooperation with broadcast platform, through the way of the red list, let's take a popular anchor position on the platform. And after the anchor has real gift income, and then divided into.

live platform in the final analysis is still a traffic game, brush phenomenon crazy growth affects multi interests. According hunting cloud network founder Jin Jilei broke the news, live brush single play is actually sleight of hand: Red Net brokerage company in bulk to broadcast platform recharge, get a 50 percent off discount, like 20 million top 40 million, then the 40 million virtual currency is spent on its network of red account, 40 million of the revenue with the broadcast platform 55 is divided into their own it made a profit of 20 million. Such brokerage companies holding red net red, net red account harvest a lot of water, live platform also get a lot of water can give VC a decent data, who did not pay the cost of the process.

" but this lively gift brush to anchor manufacturing illusion or even misleading some people, the day before, a 14 year old boy with a reward of 5 online games host parents spent 30 thousand yuan hard-earned money maxed news network. There are even 3 million 600 thousand yuan female fans misappropriated public funds to reward male anchor.

embezzlement of female fans in explaining why the crazy Brush Gift said, "the studio is different in the brush gift, then you will can't help, compare with each other, the atmosphere is caused, you brush my brush.

live platform foam was punctured?

now large and small broadcast platform widespread problem is the content homogeneity too serious, few can continue to produce good content and stable earnings platform appears. With tighter regulation, capital of the heat cooling, these platforms will have to face the takeover or take out the ending.

" this year, love live, live, live, I interested in TV, ulook, micro broadcast thereof in order to watch the live broadcast, live broadcast, this beautiful melon multiple broadcast platform has been unable to land or announced the closure, live, catch live bear curry the next frame, and with almost no active meelive broadcast. It also attracted many industry insiders sigh: live the bubble to burst.

9 at the beginning of the month, the State Press and Publication Administration issued a notice to carry out the requirements of network audio-visual programs broadcast service, must hold the "information network dissemination of audio-visual programs permit", and the institutional and individual anchor set access threshold, a certificate request, on the other hand is a live content specification. While most of the network platform in a undocumented state, no ability to get the license are precarious, such as the TV box under the supervision of the year.

sails after live reference case is 2013 thousands of group purchase website of the dispute, now the rest of the U.S. group, rice two giant; 2014 1000 P2P financial platform now run away run away the closure; in 2015, thousands of O2O have been the emergence of a large number of death list at the end of the year. In 2016 just red live will go the same way.

writer Wu Xiaobo said in his audio program: "the future of the first half of the year, hundreds of broadcast platform is the most important Chinese moment, this winter, for those companies that do live, will become very cold".

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